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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  November 10, 2010


Now that the GOP believes they have become Masters of the Universe simply by winning the US House in the midterm elections, they have given us all we need to know about how solid their plans are for breaking out of the country's economic slump. They are promising to have a "conversation" about what America needs to do.

Launching a "conversation" over a major issue is, of course, a way to cover the fact that you plan on doing nothing of substance.

And it is best carried out by way of a walk among the great unwashed, à la Hillary's famed "listening tours" when she ran for the Senate in New York. What the GOP's ostensible conversation — a public debate that is sure to be as ephemeral as Taylor Swift's wardrobe — will add up to is a photo-op show worthy of a high school play. Party leaders, meanwhile, will go ahead and do whatever they — in this case John "QT" Boner and his aging queen sidekick in the Senate, the unspeakable Mitch McConnell — decided to do months ago. Which in this case is nothing that will keep their fat cat friends in Big Oil, Corporate America, and Wall Street from continuing to economically rape average Americans.

Oh yeah, boyos. The clock is now ticking. Fixed things yet?


Phillipe and Jorge could actually give a rap about Keith Olbermann being suspended from MSNBC because he severely violated NBC news ethics — an oxymoron, for sure — by donating individual sums of $2400 to three Democratic candidates (he returned to the show, semi-contrite, on Tuesday). But the hypocrisy here by GE-owned NBC, which gives millions to candidates to foster its interests, is staggering. Then take a look at Fox News, which would have a "For Sale" sign next to its logo if it wasn't already wholly owned by the GOP, whose media magnate, Rupert "The Dirty Digger" Murdoch, has given millions to the Republican Party and hired every one of the GOP's potential 2012 presidential candidates. Fox can't spell "ethics" and doesn't even try. Yes, consider all this, and you realize that blown-up MSNBC stomping on its own dick is total b.s. in the grand scheme of things.

Corporate news outlets long ago abandoned any pretense of covering news with any rhyme or reason. That is why we get video of Lindsay Lohan going into rehab instead of scenes of our country's bravest men and women coming home in body bags at Dover — images that might remind us we are pissing away billions of dollars in the name of spreading democracy, while Washington, on both sides of the aisle, fails to get us out of this depression. (Oops, forgot that was over. Our bad.)

Sleep tight, Katie and Brian.


Dubya Bush, the worst president in history, is humping his new book, written entirely on flash cards with no big words so he can understand it himself. And — surprise, surprise — he is choosing interviews with hard-hitting political journalists such as Matt "Can you see my bald spot from there?" Lauer. Matty is the obsequious co-host of the Today show, and usually devotes his on-air time to making Quiche Lorraine and trying to look down the blouses of female guests, rather than lobbing softballs to disgraced ex-presidents.

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