Let them eat cake

Obama caves, FIFA cashes in; Don checks out; Huzzah for Bill and Jaimy
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  December 8, 2010


Phillipe and Jorge will be keeping a close eye on the upcoming Senate vote on continuing the tax cuts for the filthy rich (the top two percent of Americans) who now appear to control America. And we trust Messrs. Reed and Whitehouse will do the right thing.

That's more faith than P+J can put in our gelding in the White House, Barack Obama, who gave in to the GOP on his "compromise" bill. If "compromise" means you give the school bully your lunch money and he doesn't kick your ass, we guess you can call it that. Obama caved, despite the fact that dropping the rich-guy tax cut would bring in billions that could go toward reducing the country's deplorable deficit.

Help us here. How can the president think that standing up for continued tax cuts for the middle class, an extension of unemployment benefits, and the elimination of tax cuts for the wealthiest is a loser among the majority of Americans?

The Great Unwashed don't give a damn about our bloodsucking CEOs and investment bankers, and would just as soon see them tarred and feathered as win more free passes on taxes. Only the Republicans and the Dems who have been on the corporate campaign fund tit are the defenders of these elite. If our president wants to show that he indeed has cojones, this is a perfect time to draw a line in the sand against the bought-and-paid-for GOP. This is a party that has no qualms about saying it is out for Obama's head. Yet the prez insists on playing nice all the time — and ends up with Republican footprints on his chest. Mr. Obama might be pleasantly surprised to find that the Great Unwashed will rally behind such a tough stance, no matter what his obviously chickenshit and inept handlers and advisors, led by Mr. Ben Dover, tell him.

Grow a pair and drop the gloves, sir. There are more people who have your back than you can imagine.


Do you want to talk international outrage? Below-the-belt global in-fighting? Sleazy powerbrokers turning the world on its head? Well, P+J do, and we do not refer to WikiLeaks. We refer to the US losing its bid to host soccer's 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

Yes, Qatar. Smaller than Connecticut. Fewer people than Houston. Summer temperatures of 130 degrees. What's not to like as a site for the biggest sporting event in the world?

The result is yet another international display of oil money talks and ethical behavior walks. The unctuous Swiss powerbroker, Sepp Blatter, who heads FIFA, soccer's governing body, is a political fiddler and diddler in the slimy Silvio Berlusconi Euro mold, and it wouldn't surprise anyone if he is found in the future to have gotten a kickback on this insane deal from his Arab pals. After all, two members of FIFA's executive committee were banned from the vote amid allegations of putting their ballots up for sale. The US just had its pocket watch stolen with Swiss precision timing.

OK, got that off our chests. But remember in 2022 to bring your sun block and miniature electric fans to the Cup finals — and gals, it might be a good idea to get that burkha ironed and packed too.

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