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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  December 29, 2010

P+J twitchingly reflect following an election year that saw Tea Baggers unleashing a frenzy of misinformation, flawed observations by our all-white, all-male political pundits on the chattering shows on Sunday, and political candidates that bordered on the seriously deranged marching behind Sarah "Bungalow Jill" Palin, America's slightly adapted reincarnation of the famed Beatles song: "All the children sing: Hey, Bungalow Jill, what did you kill, Bungalow Jill?"


A wild year for media news, as those in the communications biz did their part to make things memorable.

Citadel Broadcasting personalities led the way, no doubt thinking that to achieve widespread popularity, they needed to follow on the heels of our favorite radio talk show jock, Buddy "Vincent A." Cianci and bulk up their resumes by incurring the special attention of law enforcement officials.

First we had the unctuous and obnoxious John "The Journalist" DePetro, the jumped-up weasel who occupies WPRO's morning slot, getting caught with his pants down, as a cuckolded husband's hired private investigator found that his employer's spouse was indeed stepping out on him with other men, one of whom was alleged to be The Journalist. This from a man who pontificates about family values. The macho man, drugstore cowboy posturing of The Journalist drew the interest of the state police when it was revealed that he had sent his amorous assignation e-mails threatening to kill her parents, husband and in-laws if they decided to, as he so gently put it, "f***" with him. How classy from such a constantly dignified act, and never mind the saliva dripping down his chin. More highlights to come in the future we are sure.

And on the FM side of Citadel, LITE Rock 105 DJ Tanya Cruise, aka Lori Sergiacomi (yo, Lor-eee!), was arrested on corruption and insurance fraud charges in November with her partners in crime. While she wasn't accused of threatening to off someone, we will be looking for some very intriguing excuses from Tanya the Terrible come the red carpet perp walk on her court date. And may we suggest claiming it was an investigative report and she was working undercover? (Although by that time, DePetro may have the "under covers" angle fully exhausted.)

On the more positive side, the mighty Urinal — who P+J still love and adore, by the by — struggles on, doing as well as possible on reduced staff. Fortunately those who remain in the Fountain Street mausoleum are of 24-carat quality. But as the aforementioned Bud-I suggested to P+J when the BeloJo eliminated all its local bureaus and consolidated its reporting resources into the La Prov headquarters, while still claiming to be covering local news with an on-the-scene, we're-your-neighbors approach, "Why don't they just claim they have a Paris bureau, too?"

On the Internet scene, ecoRI has made a definite positive mark this year with its coverage of environmental issues, while GoLocalProv has provided a welcome fresh new face on the news scene. (Did we really say "fresh face"? What, "spunky newcomer" and "up-and-comer" were taken?) May both continue to up the ante in the Vo Dilun news world.

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