Out of ideas

By AL DIAMON  |  February 9, 2011

Since Mitchell's disastrous third-place finish in the general election (with a smaller percentage of the vote than that usually garnered by the whackjobs who run against 2nd District Congressman Mike Michaud), since losing both the state House and Senate for the first time since Representative John Martin of Eagle Lake reached the legal drinking age, since fading into the kind of irrelevancy usually reserved for Green Independents and the National Hockey League, what have the Democrats done to regroup?

They chose a lobbyist for labor unions as their new chairman. After a member of their caucus admitted to a Portland Press Herald columnist that by passively approving Governor LePage's choices for his cabinet, they were acting like "pansies," a minority of Democratic legislators managed to summon up the intestinal fortitude to vote against a couple of the least qualified nominees, who won approval, anyway.

As for setting forth a competing agenda to counter LePage's rampage through the state's environmental rule book, the Democrats have thus far offered a bill to legalize switchblade knives for people with only one arm.

Apparently, nobody in their caucus remembers what happened on The Fugitive.

Maine Democrats seem to believe that LePage's unrestrained mouth and unpolished manners will provide all the campaign material they'll need to resuscitate their party. But even with the governor's steady production of innovative public screw-ups, he'll be tough to beat if the economy improves. The Dems would do well to reach out to a broader audience than one-armed switchblade users and half-witted party hacks who voted for Libby Mitchell.

To do that, they'll need a dynamic slogan.

I'd go with "Less Rude. Less Crude. But With More Of The Same Old Platitude."

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