"I can relate to the fact that just being a real woman is not enough," says Ronnie Wilson, a 60-something painter and prison inmate-therapist. "I mean, I'm not particularly into making men feel good about themselves . . . I feel like wearing a T-shirt that says . . . 'I'm not your mother . . . I know you're angry at her, but don't take it out on me.'" A generation of grown men have now been raised to adopt feminist ideals, but a lot of men missed out.

Some of them are in Augusta — or Washington — writing laws right now. "There's a bill in to forbid anyone under 18 from getting approval for prescriptions," says Hannan of Planned Parenthood. The bill is aimed at the availability of birth control. "And, of course, you can buy a condom anywhere. It's a misogynist bill. They want to keep our girls virgins, but we still give our boys high fives when they get their first box of rubbers."

Women are fighting back — and in the process building on the best parts of the influence of women on Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman. (Sure, the characters were beautiful and scantily clad; those shows' producers were men. But the women were, nevertheless, kicking serious ass.) They're organizing rallies like the one on Friday. Which, in a perfect world, would be as effective as the Rape-aXe, in terms of seizing power and wielding it to create a world that met their standards, and their needs.

Dreaming in Femnicolor:What local feminists imagine for their future ... or just imagine

AMY MARTIN | a/k/a "Punchy O'Guts," skater and marketing director with Maine Roller Derby | "So many women are caught up in fantasies of being thin. I wish they would get over themselves already. Who gives a fuck what you look like?"

AMY MARTIN | "I wish women would stop thinking they are supposed to have babies. Babies are dumb. You can live a fulfilling life without procreation."

BRIAN SIMPSON | nurse | "My feminist fantasy is that a woman wouldn't be scared while hearing my footsteps behind her while walking down the street. I'm a son and a brother and a fiance and a nurse and I respect life and women and I would never do anything to hurt anybody. If they knew that, they would know they had nothing to fear from me. But my footsteps alone are enough to cause fear."

BRIAN SIMPSON | "I wish men respected women enough to treat them with love all of the time and would tell others that what they are doing is not okay."

CATALINA RODRIGUEZ | musician, SMCC student | "I thought long and hard about this: Dana Scully from The X-Files. To be stranded on some weird planet where men can breast feed and run into the fog after Dana Scully. And then we become Shamen."

CLAIRE GUYER | theater artist | "Being able to completely cut out cultural norms. Zap out of existence with a ray gun the cultural norms we've been lead to believe. Oh! And truth serum! You could zap them and they'd live their lives like they weren't raised thinking girls needed to be skinny."

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