CYNDI AMATO | executive director, Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine | "I thought about how much time women spend from the time that they understand that they should be fearful, and trying to keep themselves safe. The head space, emotional, and physical space, takes up so much time and it's so oppressive, and if we had the opportunity...and the space and freedom to reach our potential, what could be achieved? That's my fantasy. If we were fearless. I wonder what it would feel like. I think it would be pretty cool. I think we'd be lighter and happier, and I think we'd all be glowing. I think every woman has a dark spot on her aura, so to speak."

PATRICE LOCKHART | medical director of the New England Eating Disorder Program at Mercy Hospital | "The law of the land . . . the force of the legal system . . . would be 'we're going to love you to death.'"

EMILY PAINE | senior studying women and gender studies and sociology at USM, founding member of Dirty Dishes Burlesque Revue, Family Crisis Services volunteer | "My feminist fantasy: every day is dress-up day. As in, it's totally appropriate to come to work/school/life dressed like a dapper 19th-century masher one day and Chloe Sevigny from Carnivale the next. In other words, acceptance of the fact that we all dress in gendered costume daily anyway, and taking it to the extreme. Little boys can run around being princesses and little girls can be firefighters and they can switch without consequence. Where labels like tomboy, butch, feminine, sissy, androgynous, (etc.) are unnecessary, but still fun to play with."

JESS MILNEAL | restoration carpenter | "I wish that people called shitty movies Dick Flicks instead of Chick Flicks. There's a shit-ton of Dick Flicks out there."

JESS MILNEAL "I wish that tampon dispensers came back, that tampons worked, and that you could complain about it when it happens. I was more bold about it when I didn't work with all men. I get nervous every time I get my period, because we work in a lot of places that don't have bathrooms. We worked at this one place that didn't have running water for a while."

JESS MILNEAL "I wish that when I'm not being made manager, or when my supervisor is being catty with me, or when they want to help me with something, I have to wonder whether or not it's because I'm a woman. I think sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. I know sometimes they're in a shitty mood and it's not because I'm a woman; but I've had enough experiences where they have said sexist things and let me know that in the back of their head they're thinking 'she's a girl, she's a girl, she's a girl.'"

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