KATE COSTELLO | former Portlander now studying feminist and queer theory in literature at Duke University | "In my utopian world, there would be no men and no women. The categories of sex are just one way of interpreting bodies, one that is inextricable from heterosexism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia, to mention only a few of the discriminatory and phobic attitudes linked to our perception of beings as sexed. In my utopian world we would all have different bodies but we wouldn't think of them in terms of the sexes. Among other things, this would entail deemphasizing the importance and shifting the signification of genitals. Think about how much more interesting and varied sexual experiences would be if we could think more radically beyond the zones that have been scripted as erogenous according to a certain matrix of binary sex! (Of course, some people are already approaching the body and erotic practices in these ways and I salute them!)"

KATIE DIAMOND | radical queer comic artist, activist | "I like the idea of a secondary sex-characteristic Home Depot store. I could order a beard for Tuesday, bigger breasts for Wednesday, and a mullet for Friday. It's not about body-modification for self-esteem's sake; it's about people's gender being able to be seen the way they feel."

LIZZIE ANDERSON | "woman of many identities," one-half of Pussyfoot Burlesque | "I saw these two guys wearing "Consent is sexy' T-shirts. I was like, 'Oh my god. My dream is coming true.'"

LIZZIE ANDERSON | "That women were shape-shifters: they could be 'out' feminist tokens, like She-Ra!"

LIZZIE ANDERSON | "Today I was thinking, 'if I was a feminist superhero, what would my secret power be?' I would have spidey senses, a bell would go off in my bat cave or whatever when someone was in need: I'd know. I suppose I'd be your basic superhero that could stop misogyny before it happened. Oh. And cure AIDS. With magical blood, or something."

MEA TAVARES | sensitivity trainer for gender and sexuality in Maine state government agencies and local schools, actor, activist | "That people would be free of societal myths around beauty and 'correct sexuality.' And would feel good consensually expressing their sexuality without fear and in known, like absolutely known, safety. And have rollickingly good, empowered, self-actualized, loving sexual encounters with consenting partners."

MEA TAVARES | "It would be fabulous, in an ideal world, for me to be able to fluctuate my gender expression without fear of either being targeted because I am perceived as female or being seen as a potential threat because I'm perceived as male."

MEGAN HANNAN | director of public affairs, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, Maine | "My fantasy is this: women are free to have and enjoy sex, with whomever they please, and not have to hide it, not have to feel guilty about it. Humans are sexual beings, and Americans have gone a long way to create barriers, guilt, and an unhealthy relationship with sex. We should enjoy it, safe from STDs, unintended pregnancy, and societal images of Madonna / whore."

WENDY CHAPKIS | sociology professor and director of the Women and Gender Studies program at USM, author | "My feminist fantasy is that we all get a lot smarter about what is and is not a problem. Difference, for example, is not a problem and equality is not a 'special interest' despite what some of our state leaders seem to think."

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