Chimpanzee meat is for sale in England, on the black market at £20 a kilogram. Pause and gag. This is what's known in Africa as "bushmeat" — wild game killed by poachers. The practice has long been condemned, not least because bushmeat includes gorilla and chimpanzee meat. Not only are these primates intelligent and endangered, but eating them is a great way to get Ebola, the disease that makes you bleed from your eyeballs. Bushmeat has been a problem in African nations for decades, but one researcher estimates that about 5000 kilograms of illegal meat now arrives in Europe each day.

Adina Farmaner, executive director of the Jane Goodall Institute UK, told a British newspaper that she wasn't surprised. "From my own experience of Brixton market in London all you have to do is ask for some 'special meat' for a 'special ceremony' and you will get what you are looking for," she said.

Or to paraphrase Charlton Heston: Chimps! Soylent Green is made of chimps! It's made of chimps!  

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