He is bewildered that most teachers don't know how to teach 9/11 history. I am also bewildered, because isn't that what it means to be a teacher — to know how to teach something? To be able to interpret the facts, and teach it to their students in a broader context, with understanding of these facts and how they relate to the world at large. And with math, students often complain that they will never use this information in real life. I clearly recall feeling that way during algebra in high school and then during calculus classes in college. I was trying to figure out how to balance work and school and how to balance a checkbook and pay for expenses; algebra and calculus didn't apply to my life at all, outside of getting a good grade in the class. If those math classes were also taught within the context of which it would be used in the real world, I would have understood it much more and perhaps also retained more of it.

And I say this all with the utmost respect for educators, because I believe they have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Right up there close with being a parent, and child caregiver, those who raise and work with our children are amazingly courageous and have a huge task, beyond words.

Linda Morris

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