In the Occupation Zone

By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  October 26, 2011

The problem is twofold. First, Coletta's show appeals to a viewer demographic in the Joan Collins-William Shatner age range. And second, competency is a lost value for a generation that believes Lindsay Lohan is secretary-general of the UN.


Phillipe and Jorge ask — and inquiring minds want to know — why does the front page of the Urinal's Deadbeat Friday movie section often feature a big-budget film . . . followed by a total pan of the movie in its review section?

We refer to the BeloJo's recent huge three-fifths-page color promo photo from The Three Musketeers that made it appear to be the new Star Wars — whilst giving no hint as to the withering one-star review the pic received on the inside pages.


Your superior correspondents have never understood the cosmic law that states "all important world news must occur soon after P&J's deadline." It held true once again last week when that ingrate dictator, "Moe" Qaddafi, chose to get himself killed after Cool, Cool World had been filed for the week. Your superior correspondents hustled to insert ourselves in the story by offering to display Moe's body in our own refrigerated meat locker, but the rude revolutionary forces of Libya decided to ignore our pleas to help out. Go ahead, liberated Libya, do it your way!


Meanwhile, back in the US of A, the World Series was wrapping up as we went to press. P&J watched the games with black cloths on our heads, bemoaning the fact that our Boston Red Sox were, once again, eliminated before the playoffs.

But, ever the optimists, P&J figured there was an upside, here. Among other things, the early departure gave the team's pitching squad a jump on any offseason chicken eating contests (and John Lackey will have the whole year to hang at Popeyes, since he'll miss the '12 post-Tommy John surgery).

What was with the umpiring in this year's series? A spate of bad calls left baseball fans pulling their hair out to the point that soon we could be a nation of Harmon Killebrew lookalikes.

Finally, RIP, Paul Leka, the composer of the tune "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye," a perennial kiss-off to the losers in ballparks around the country.


. . . to Sheila Lennon, creator of the BeloJo's Subterranean Home Blog, for posting a long lost recording of the legendary Tombstone Blues Band's cover of "For What It's Worth" from 1974 (with help from Ric Bellaire, who apparently unearthed this nugget). Tombstone ruled Rhode Island in the 1960s and early '70s. Powered by Ken Lyon's growling voice and featuring local music legends like Mark Taber and Thom Enright, Tombstone was considered the "finishing school" for every Rhody musician back in the day. The tune is posted on YouTube and we highly recommend that you check it out.

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