Phillipe and Jorge love Senator Jack Reed, but there comes a time when you just have to say, "Don't try to bullshit two bullshitters."

We are of course referring to Jack's new role as shill for the US military and its involvement in Afghanistan. His recent claim (repeat as needed and take with a huge grain of salt) that we have turned the tide against the Taliban insurgents and that there is a "remarkable" turnaround in the fighting capacity of the Afghan army (now they walk away from battles, rather than run) is simply a dog that gave up hunting long ago. There isn't enough makeup in the world to turn this walking dead nation-building zombie into a cover girl for democracy, no matter how thick you lay it on.

Perhaps the good senator would have been wise not to claim victory in true "Mission Accomplished" fashion just as a suicide car bomber blew up a NATO convoy in Kabul, killing 17 people, including several Americans.

It makes P&J sick to think of the more than 1600 US troops, our finest and bravest young men and women, who have been killed and maimed in the no-win, 10-year-plus effort to bring some stability to a Stone Age country that has rejected the arrival of civilization for centuries, whether it was the British, Russians, or the US peddling it.

Add in the billions of taxpayers' money that has been spent on this travesty — much of it lost to corruption, payoffs for murderous drug lords, and theft by a Taliban that then buys weapons to kill our own troops — at a time when the middle is being beaten to death with an economic hammer back home, and there is no defense for this horror show to continue.

We are sure that the relatives of the soldiers who have lost their lives were pleased to hear that Jack Reed had a "long, one-on-one" chat with a leading Pakistani Army general last week about the situation in Central Asia that was "definitely not polite and perfunctory."

Wow. Bow-wow.


P&J's friend, Ms. Lovely Lady, whilst monitoring pension reform testimony on television, gave the iPad's new dictation app a whirl.

From iPad's transcription of one witness's testimony:

"Hello generally which I was somewhat that is awesome of my life and for the assembly we have to look at prioritizing what you love you sweet onion we'll give you a magnet for certain operation we also need to work on yesterday money can go to the season town to help them and I get some of the missing his numbers program to the fighter at Range Rover 84% funny . . . ."

Another witness, possibly from Elbonia or Freedonia, had this to say:

"Return report for number years as well in Connecticut and emotion of my notes anyway to move to 7.75" and obviously based on Dodici were we are editing it didn't detect a good workout they're gone and it was seconded blue the final tally was 9 to 6. It's a 15-member burger I believe it was snowing to six and the Kabota this morning that it is a different number than what you got voted for the number to net 97 at the Verizon Blvd., Pizza in 15 members who have ever met Celeste this morning as it is it okay if we went 95 Rosa to book different somebody indicated this morning I want to go to accident 7.5."

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