JAMES CARNELL – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 | The officers were confronted with arrogant, entitled "college students" from the Arabian peninsula, who allegedly eschew alcohol and other such western excesses and tools of the infidels (That would be US!) but who were all drunk and carrying bottles of alcohol. (Allah Akbar!) . . . But these arrogant pieces of human garbage come to this country and believe they have "rights" because of their parent's wealth and this country's lack of a moral spine to kick their asses out of here on the next flight home to sandy city.


JAMES CARNELL – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 | If you don't think illegal aliens and welfare-cheats have their own network consisting of how to drain the benefits from the most social programs, then you are indeed an idiot. Every welfare recipient has been well-schooled in participating in the "crazy-check" scam, the "disabled" alcoholic/drug addict scam, or the "Attention Deficit Disorder" scam in order to maximize how much they bleed from the taxpayers.


JAY MOCCIA – MARCH/APRIL 2011 | Are we breeding the fight out of American males? We are a country born of war. We've fought just about everyone but are today's men worthy of their warrior DNA? Men have become feminized, these "metrosexuals" indulge in manicures, pedicures, yoga, and all sorts of other sissified pursuits. The media and fans complain when professional football and hockey players "hit too hard." That's what we pay them to do! When cops have to put their hands on someone to make an arrest — out come the cell phone cameras.


JAMES CARNELL – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 | If some junkie/crack-whore, alleged "mother" sends her kid off to school — (or is it professional babysitting?) — to get his/her free breakfast/lunch and after-school babysitting, and then expects Einstein to emerge, then I think they're sadly confused. Oh, I know, I know, I've seen all of the inspiring movies like Mr. Holland's Opus and Stand and Deliver, etc. etc. They're marvelous movies, but I suspect that the truth about actually educating the little spalpeens is somewhat . . . er, different.


JAMES CARNELL – JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 | Police officers are not plaster saints, nor are we immune from the roadbumps and problems which occur in all relationships. We are, however, subject to far more intense scrutiny than virtually any other profession. In almost no other position can mere allegations of domestic violence (a broad term that can include slapping your obnoxious 10-year-old's behind) result in termination from employment. And if the BPD should adopt this Machiavellian policy, it goes without saying that numerous officers who have had or will have relationship problems may be subjecting themselves to immediate termination.


JAMES CARNELL – JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 | And by the way, I really can't see through your tinted windows or at nighttime, and generally speaking, I can't see what race/sex/ethnicity you are until after I've stopped your car. I know this a severe disappointment to those who believe in the theory of racial profiling, but it's true, try it for yourself.

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