Cold shoulder

By AL DIAMON  |  August 1, 2012

Current Maine law already bans businesses from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. It also exempts religious organizations from being forced to do anything that conflicts with their beliefs about homosexuality or, for that matter, people from Antarctica. As for ordinary citizens, they can harbor any prejudices they like, no matter how stupid.

If same-sex marriage supporters prevail, none of that changes. Individuals can still hate anybody they choose. Churches can continue to shun those they despise. And businesses that cater to the public will have to keep on taking the money of all customers, even if they don't approve of their skin color, religious practices, or sex lives. The law that's in effect right now doesn't allow for exceptions just because, like Dazbog, somebody happens to have a quirky set of moral objections.

In 2009, voters repealed the marriage-equality law approved by the Legislature in large part because of phony claims about how it would require schools to teach children that some people are gay, and some of those that are might want to experience wedded bliss. There was no such educational mandate in the law, even though it's true about there being gay people and all.

This time around, the same fearmongers have a different set of lies about how same-sex marriage will create a new class of lawsuits. They're still blowing smoke.

It's a free county. Like Dazbog, you can believe what you want. Of course, sooner or later, like him, you may have to confront reality. Which contains plenty of worse things than allowing other people — even those you don't approve of — to be happy.

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