Your superior correspondents have always found it interesting that whenever a none-too-complimentary news story appears about local talk radio host John DePetro, he claims complete innocence.

When Arbitron radio surveys reporting rapt attention to his show emanated from his home a few years ago — a big no-no — he said his wife was to blame.

And he said he was innocent two years ago when a man filing for divorce from his wife claimed that a private detective he'd hired saw DePetro entering a motel room with the missus.

Now he says he is totally innocent of allegations that he sexually harassed a co-worker at WPRO radio, propositioning her on at least two different occasions.

Given DePetro's solid record of defending his honor, we have no doubt that he is, in fact, still innocent. But we'll tell you what complaint #12-4152, filed in Rhode Island Superior Court, says anyway.

The plaintiff (Diana DeQuattro) alleges that DePetro invited her to lunch on May 21, 2012. She assumed "that DePetro would go to Newport Creamery as they had done in the past. DePetro instead stated that he had another place in mind and drove to a house on a dead end street in Barrington where Mr. DePetro stated that he owned the property and insisted [she] exit the car and come into the house while he retrieved an item."

The complaint continues, "While inside the house, DePetro made sexual advances toward the Plaintiff. Plaintiff asked him to stop, and stated that what he was doing was inappropriate."

Further, according to the complaint, "On July 18, 2012, DePetro called the plaintiff in his studio. Plaintiff went in the studio and was asked by DePetro if he and another woman could have sex with plaintiff and her boyfriend. Plaintiff declined the invitation, which was particularly upsetting after the incident at the house."

That was not all. According to the complaint: "On June 8, 2012, there was a female body builder in the studio. [DePetro] had her gear up in her bathing suit and then asked Plaintiff to join them in studio and take their picture. While Plaintiff was in the studio, he asked the body builder if he could touch her muscles and proceeded to touch her inappropriately on her rear end in front of Plaintiff, whereupon Plaintiff excused herself from the studio."

On August 20, the complaint was amended to include another allegation: "In December of 2011, DePetro used a bus that he said was owned by his friend, David Caprio, who was present on the bus, to transport listeners to a 'Holiday tree' religious protest at the Rhode Island State House. Mr. DePetro informed Plaintiff that he and his friend had 'a lot of fun' on the bus and that she and some of her girlfriends should join them on the bus some time."

An investigation by your superior correspondents suggests that the Barrington house DePetro took DeQuattro to that May day is a property known as "The Beach Mansion" at 32 Lorraine Street. It is owned by Caprio, a former state representative who is the brother of former gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio, and attorney John Larochelle. Bob Plain, who writes for the political blog, has reported similar findings.

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