In one of the most appalling abuses of power P&J have seen at Halitosis Hall, Speaker of the House Gordon "38 Studios" Fox recently cashiered Representative Patrick O'Neill from his position on the House Judiciary Committee because he had the gall to push through the committee — on a unanimous vote, mind you — a badly needed ethics reform bill.

Never mind that Fox actually championed the bill in 2010. At the moment, he is wetting his Dockers trying to please a Senate leadership that controls the fate of his gay marriage bill. And that Senate leadership feels above even the slightest gesture to ethical governance.

38 Studios Boy came up with a twisted interpretation of House rules to claim the vote in O'Neill's favor was illegal — an interpretation strongly challenged by Common Cause's John Marion. And believe us, you can trust Marion farther than you can throw Fox's hairdresser.

This tinpot thuggery was allowed to stand because most of the House doesn't have the balls to stand up to their marcelled leader. Real profiles in courage, gang.

But what P&J found most astonishing was that House Judiciary Committee chair Edie Ajello, whom P&J have admired for years, actually went along with Fox, declaring the vote "null and void." Hey, Edie, you're better than that, and that's a stain you won't soon erase.

Ajello, we understand, may have had her feelings hurt when O'Neill won passage of the bill without her blessing. Tough noogies, Edie. The ethics bill was a long time coming, and you shouldn't be proud of derailing it with Fox's hand in your back working you like a ventriloquist's dummy.

We hope House reps eventually rally to O'Neill's side, as he did the right thing. Of course that is making the bold assumption that House members even know what the right thing to do is anymore.


The sins of Providence TV news are legion: spelling errors in their graphics, clueless anchors who haven't been out in the field for decades, story after story on car crashes in North Dakota, and passing off plugs for their networks' shows as news.

But they are not alone.

Phillipe, on a fact-finding mission to Florida focused on local greens and fairways, recently came across a howler that would do any of our local stations proud.

One night, the CBS affiliate in Tampa led things off with a headline story on a serial flasher in the area, as yet apprehended. The station then showed a surveillance tape of a black gentleman fingered as the suspect.

The newshounds went on to say the person in the photo had also been accused of masturbating in a convenience store. And with that sumptuous selection available, who wouldn't get aroused? "Give me a five-hour energy drink, a pack of Kools, and a copy of Maxim, please. I'll be in the back for a few moments."

Following this enlightening news about a man polishing his rocket in public, the station briefly flashed a shot of Tiger Woods. Phillipe fell off his chair in hysterics. But hey, if you're a millionaire getting it on with waitresses from Denny's, where is the bottom?

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