"His life was so creatively rich, I decided not to short-change Doc, and have broken it into two sections, the next coming in fall," Jon says.

For those who would like to know more about Comic Book Creator, go to the publisher's web site, twomorrows.com.


Local b-ball fans don't have a direct rooting interest in March Madness. But they can pull for a miracle match-up with Providence College roots.

Yes, P&J are hoping coach Rick Pitino's Louisville team meets the boy he turned into a man at PC — Florida coach Billy "The Kid" Donovan — in the NCAA championship game.

Donovan is an adult now, with two national championships with the Gators on his resume. But if it hadn't been for Reverend Rick's strict evangelism at PC — forcing the chubby little guard to shape up or ship out — Donovan wouldn't be where he is now.

The slimmed-down three-point marksman led PC to a Final Four slot in 1987. And he started his coaching career a few years later as an assistant to Pitino at Kentucky. Without the help, he'd be coaching some CYO team on Long Island now and working as a Lomanesque sales rep.

Any real Friars fan will forever love and adore Pitino and Donovan, almost as much as St. Ernie of DiGregorio and Marvin "Tire Iron" Barnes. Almost: the Ernie and Marvin Show, after all, was a gift from the gods. (And here's a free, fun gift of our own, for our young readers: Next time you're in a mainstream restaurant in Providence, either at the bar or waiting for a table, loudly say, "Hey, there's Ernie DiGregorio" or "there's Marvin Barnes." We guarantee you every male head in the bar over 40 will immediately swivel. Hey, it beats planking.)

Pitino is one of the savviest guys in the business. And Billy the Kid recently demonstrated he is more than just a laser-focused gym rat, with his comment to USA Today about the value of a national championship:

Your whole entire life, you're chasing this trophy, this crystal ball. At the end of the day, it doesn't bring any value to your life. That's probably the biggest thing I've learned. There's an illusion created by society, whoever it may be, that if you (win the tourney), you will be somebody. You'll be of significance. You'll be of importance. It's an illusion. It's the biggest thing that destroys people's lives in a way.

Rick, ya raised The Kid good. Billy, you make Providence proud.


Recently, P&J were in contact with our old friend Wayne Smith. Wayne is a Vietnam veteran and a longtime peace activist, working primarily with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.

The VVAF was one of the driving forces behind the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines (you may recall that Jody Williams, program director for the land mines campaign, was a recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize and Wayne and the other members of this organization were, collectively, co-recipients). Wayne was also involved in creating more than a dozen prosthetics clinics in Vietnam, Cambodia, Angola, and elsewhere. And he helped organize and fund Iraq Vets Against the War. In the "Cool, Cool World," Wayne qualifies as an American hero.

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