A different kind of 'New York System'; shore report; J.J., Boomer, and Ernie
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  August 1, 2013

No, this is not a review of the Cranston eatery of the same name. But it is about a “New York System” of sorts. The system we’re speaking of is the tendency of some New York politicians to behave badly with their weiners and then think that it’s time for a comeback.

We’ll see what happens with former New York Attorney General and Governor Eliot Spitzer in his quest for NYC’s comptroller’s office, but it appears that “Carlos Danger” — aka Anthony Weiner — has not been on his best behavior since resigning from the US House of Representatives in 2011.

As Bob Dylan might say on the subject, “How many apologies must one man make, before you can hear people sigh?” Apparently New Yorkers are sighing plenty now, since Mr. Danger/Weiner’s polling figures continue to tumble. We all know the story of his misbehavior, but the big question in your superior correspondents’ conjoined mind is, “Why did the New York City mayoral candidate not think that his perfect name, Weiner, was good enough for his many online correspondents?” Perhaps “Carlos Danger” had that little James Bond-ian edge he was seeking.

We suspect that Mr. Weiner’s goose is cooked, politically speaking, but this doesn’t appear to be the case out in San Diego, where mayor Bob Filner soldiers on, believing that he can return a new man in the eyes of his constituents after a brief stint in rehab. Awash in a flurry of sexual harassment accusations from a growing number of women, Filner, another former Congressman (is this the training ground for those with delusions of male privilege?), held a press conference last week during which he promised to seek help, but not seek another job. The ever-alert city council in San Diego countered with a proposal that female workers in Filner’s office could be placed in “alternative workspaces.” Yeah . . . that ought to solve the problem (not).

It seems with these politicians that their belief in their own extraordinary skills and indispensability trumps common sense and character. Two words of advice from P&J to these candidates: go away.

Loose Talk

We do not believe that Pope Francis said anything new in asking a few days ago “Who [was he] to judge?” gay priests. Although he used the word “gay” a number of times, this wasn’t much different from when Ronald Reagan, in his second term as President, finally uttered the word “AIDS,” causing quite a hubbub but no appreciable policy changes in dealing with that scourge.

There’s a lot of nuance here, but it seems that all this of is a recognition of the fact that there are gay priests. Nothing really has changed, although the hungry news media continues to describe the Pope’s words as “extraordinary.” The people of the world may be changing in their understanding of LGBT reality, but you can rely on the church to remain a few steps behind.

Meanwhile, the real “loose talk” came from the mayor of the small town of Cholet in France. Gilles Bourdouleix, was quoted as saying about a group of gypsies who were allegedly encamped on a public field in his town, “Maybe Hitler did not kill enough” of them.

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