Sorrentino turns up the heat

More on the WPRO imbroglio; a theatrical giant; bad snow job
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  December 18, 2013

Longtime Vo Dilun radio listeners are very familiar with P&J’s friend Mary Ann Sorrentino. This is a woman who has no fear about speaking her mind publicly, even if it means taking on the former Bishop of Providence, Louis “Jello Mold” Gelineau, who once threatened to excommunicate her for espousing pro-choice views on the airwaves and in print.

Sorrentino recently sent an email to local reporters and wise-ass columnists about the sordid John DePetro controversy stemming from when the News Talk 630 WPRO host called female protestors at a political fundraiser “hags” and “W-H-O-R-E-S” on air, and a number of local politicians subsequently vowed not to appear on any WPRO shows while he still has a job on Wampanoag Trail. (Note: DePetro was scheduled to go back on the air on December 17, but reportedly had his “vacation” extended until January.)

Here is Mary Ann’s missive:

I am sending this to a whole bunch of you in the “media” because I haven’t heard anyone pondering if any of these politicians saying they are boycotting WPRO radio until DePetro goes away are actually going to WITHHOLD THEIR CAMPAIGN ADS FROM THAT STATION IF HE STAYS???

Campaign advertising is a major source of station revenue and this is the best way these folks could force management’s hand. In the end, the station heads don’t care about the First Amendment, women’s rights, or fighting hate speech. They only care about the bottom line.

And if these pols are only massaging the unions right now, but still intend to run ads on WPRO, they’re not really invested in the drive to “protect women by getting DePetro off the air” either.

Is anyone planning to put their feet to the fire??

As most are aware, the request from the organization For Our Daughters RI to the gutless Alex and Ani asking they pull their ads on DePetro’s show was met with a refusal. You’ve come a long way, baby, right, Ms. Rafaelian?

P&J have little faith that DePetro’s boss, Barbara Haynes, or anyone else at WPRO or its owner, Cumulus, will have the stones to cashier John “The Journalist” as long as he brings in some bucks to the station. And P&J are quite sure that other hosts like Dan Yorke and Buddy “Vincent A.” Cianci must be pleased as punch with the guilt by association foisted on them by DePetro’s vile invectives.

WHJJ is at 920 on your AM dial.

Bandwagon is back

Way back in 1986, Al Gomes — who, with A. Michelle, runs the Providence-based record and music promotion company, Big Noise — wanted to put together something in the Biggest Little inspired by Bob Geldof’s Band Aid recording and Live Aid concert. Al, along with publicist Jamie Kurtis, came up with an idea to form a group of the state’s most talented musicians, community activists, politicians, and media celebrities, and make a record, the proceeds of which would go to address hunger and poverty in Vo Dilun, primarily through the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

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