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By AL DIAMON  |  March 14, 2014

Poliquin’s resume is studded with efforts to save money. For instance, he engineered the ouster (imcherrying?) of the director of the Maine State Housing Authority because of wasteful spending and liberal views. At the same time, he was saving himself a few bucks by improperly registering his property (located in the 1st District) for a tax break. He also appeared to violate the state Constitution, which forbids the treasurer from engaging “in any business of trade or commerce,” by developing a condo project and expanding a beach club he owned (in the 1st District). He only included those operations on his financial disclosure form after critics noted their absence.

Poliquin used to be as thoughtlessly outspoken as Jackson — although with better grammar and vocabulary — but after his foibles gained public attention, he retreated behind a screen of carefully worded press releases. His unedited public pronouncements are so rare, there’s some question as to whether he still exists.

While Poliquin and Jackson appear to be a step down from the existing congressman, their primary opponents barely raise the bar. Democratic state Senator Emily Cain co-sponsored Jackson’s screw-the-guv-out-of-his-pension bill and recently skipped an important legislative committee meeting due to an illness that didn’t keep her from attending a campaign fundraiser. Republican Kevin Raye lost to Michaud in 2012 by running a campaign making him appear even more irrelevant than the incumbent.

Maine needs a top-notch congressional delegation. It’s doubtful the new representative from the 2nd District will meet that standard. We’ll be lucky if he or she isn’t impeared.

I mean, impaired.

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