Best 2014: City Life Winners

Find out who won Best Activist, Best TV/Radio Personality, Best Blog, Best Place for Yoga/Pilates, and more!


Phoenix readers say the Best Golf Course is Dunegrass!

Best Bartender: Michelle at the Snug
Michelle’s been winning this award so long she could ditch the Snug and build a bar of her own with the plaques we’ve given her. There’s really little else we have to say about this woman — which might be why we started comparing her favorably to deities in Greek myth (in last February’s “The Tequila Odyssey,” by Nick Schroeder). One of the most incredible and dynamic personalities in Portland, the main barkeep at the Irish-ish pub at the foot of Munjoy Hill might have even more drinkers in her stable soon, if neighborhood tavern Sangillo’s truly shuts down. We hope they treat her right. While it’s rarely in the job description,  bartending requires a delicate balance of entertaining, policing, and babysitting. Michelle juggles those flawlessly, and we can’t imagine a serious conversation about this city’s drinking culture without her.
223 Congress St, Portland | 207.772.6893 |

Best Beach: Pine Point
Waves lap and beach grass blows on the low dunes of Pine Point Beach, a superior stretch of sand in Scarborough that runs four miles. Jetties mark one side, at the mouth of the Scarborough River; four miles later you’re at Old Orchard Beach. Despite the proximity to that vacationland draw, Pine Point maintains a mellowness. In other words, you’ll always find a spot for your towel and won’t have to wrangle as much with jerky tourists. Besides frolicking in the waves and working on your tan, you can grab a tray of French fries, and rinse the sea off yourself in showers. And it’s less than a 15-minute drive from Portland.
Pine Point Road and East Grand Avenue, Scarborough |

Best-Kept Secret: Treefort Cycleshop
Where old Italian neighborhoods once had “men’s clubs,” in which dudes sat around, smoked tobacco, and jawed at each other, we have Treefort Cycleshop. Located somewhere in Bayside, it’s a sort of garage that does motorcycle fix-ups, but it’s also just a place for city bike enthusiasts to talk shop, plus whatever else that may be. A/k/a actual culture — a rarity. It’s a secret for a reason.
111B Anderson St, Portland

Best Blog: Unseen Portland
An image of a blue windshield brush discarded in dirty snow. Graffiti fragments on sidewalk and brick (“be love”; “laugh”; “we don’t work weekends”). Misty harbors, snowy streets taken on late-night walks home, smoke stacks, phone booths, doorways. Sometimes you recognize the places in Unseen Portland, sometimes not. But the sense of place is unmistakable and the atmosphere — the feel of the city, the spots of unexpected beauty — are captured in locals’ perceptions of our home. The photographs combine to create a character, not always pretty, but loved.
Unseen Portland |

Best Bouncer: Gerald at LFK
A dependable fixture at one of the city’s weirdest, wildest bars (in fact, our winner in the Best Bar category), Gerald is one of the kinder bouncers you’ll ever come across. And with experience as a stand-up comic, don’t think he doesn’t have a thing or two to say about your boorish behavior or idiotic attempt at a fake ID. It’s a tough job sometimes, but we’re always glad to see him sitting in that foyer, projecting meditative calm and a mountain of cool, and we’re pleased he’s the first to win this brand new award.
188A State St, Portland | 207.899.3277 |

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