Bono does Samuel L.

Snakes on a Plane fan brilliance, part 24  
By BILL JENSEN  |  July 5, 2006
First came the homemade movie posters, then the T-shirts, the fan fiction, and the board game. But Snakes on a Plane (which is finally hitting theaters on August 18) did not reach true cultural-phenomenon status until Bono — or at least some guy in a hooded sweatshirt singing an ode to Samuel L. Jackson on YouTube — got involved. The parody of U2’s “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own,” titled “Someone Tell Sam Jackson He’s My Bro,” is probably the Jump the Shark moment of fan-created Snakes content. Sample lyrics: “If your flight is not on time/ I know that I will be alright if you say so/ But I need/ You know I need to hear you say/ ’Get these motherfuckin snakes off this motherfuckin plane.” Bow your heads for a great six months of viral Web creativity — and be prepared for every other studio’s lame attempt to recreate this kind of buzz with every crappy horror movie they have in production.
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