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Letters to the Boston editor: July 7, 2006
By EDITORIAL  |  July 5, 2006

Regarding “How To Neuter The Republicans," I'd first like to point to the supposed bellwether election in California's 50th District, recently won by Brian Bilbray (R-CA). You know why he won, even after Randy Cunningham went to jail on corruption charges? Because Francine Busby made a critical error many Democrats seem to be making these days: she said what was actually on her mind. In her case, “We don't need no stinkin’ papers.” Not smart in a district where illegal immigration is the top issue among voters.

I’m going to tell you how to beat the Republicans in November. First, it’s national security once again, stupid. Stop bitching that Bush is doing nothing to protect us from terrorists, and when he does, broadcast every classified plan to the enemy and threaten hearings. People notice things like that. If there’s time, I'd have any gay marriage amendments on the November ballots withdrawn. Personally I could give a crap, but millions of other voters do. Those hurt you big time in 2004 — may have even cost you the presidency. It also doesn’t help that Joe Lieberman, a most balanced, honest, and reasonable senator, in my opinion, is being thrown to the wolves by the legions of nutroots out there, led by “Screw ’em” Zuniga. Another thing: the YearlyKos conference, where distinguished congressmen put on tinfoil hats and pledged allegiance to the almighty Kos? Not smart. Bad association.

Bottom line? Today’s Democratic Party is closer to the party of Lenin than to that of Roosevelt, Truman, or Kennedy (the other one, Jack). It claims Republican corruption, but this is the party of Cynthia McKinney and William Jefferson. The more LibDem candidates open their mouths, the more they prove what fools they are. Tell ’em to shut up, especially Kerry. Nothing personal. You want to win elections here, right?

John Simpson
Nashua, NH

Word: Smith
I enjoyed reading, “Reality TV Meets the Newsroom” and salute Steve Smith’s efforts to bring arrogant, often ignorant, and politically motivated editors back in touch with the paying public they serve. In the past, many people felt that if the newspapers said something, it had to be true. Sadly, as we saw in the mainstream media’s coverage of the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia, the truth was censored and distorted. Lies were concocted to destroy the formerly peaceful country at the expense of the Serbs, our former allies. This allowed Islamic extremists to gain a tremendous foothold in Bosnia and Kosovo and indirectly aided the terrorists during 9/11 and 3/11 (in Spain).

Fortunately for our democracy, the Internet — the last uncensored avenue for information exchange — has become ubiquitous and Americans are reading totally different points of view than what “their” media is telling them. I encourage all newspaper editors to work more closely with the public and begin “remembering” that democracy requires debate.

Dr. Michael Pravica

Get over yourselves
You ask the question, “Is the RIAA Inoculating Itself Against Viral Video?”. I think it would be a good idea for the RIAA to crack down on this stuff. The sacrifice: viewers would be denied the pleasure of watching these things. The payoff: people would have one less option for being exhibitionists, while mostly uncreative. They may actually think of something more original to do. Of course, I don’t approve of the RIAA’s motive; I don’t think that the law justifies their actions in any moral sense, and I pretty much assume they will be stupid and over-aggressive in their approach.

Ron Fink

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