Quotes + numbers, January 20, 2006

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By  |  January 18, 2006

“I made some mistakes.”
– L. Paul Bremer, former US Administrator of Iraq, discussing his shortcomings in Iraq in a New York Times op-ed piece.

“The vodka is running out!”
– Front-page headline of Russian newspaper Vedomosti. Russia recently passed a law requiring every distillery to have computerized equipment, bringing nationwide vodka production to a standstill.

– The most depressing day of the year, based on the amount of daylight, holiday bills coming due, etc.... according to Health magazine.

“Toilet Terror Could Strike During Halftime”
– E-mail subject line promoting Scott Tissue’s new Web site, halftimeflush.com, which wants to “help avoid toilet blockages, and the emotional and financial strains they cause” during the Super Bowl.

Percentage o~f loan applications from Hurricane Katrina victims that the Small Business Administration has rejected. 

 “After bungee jumping, this will become the new extreme kick.”
– Dutch entrepreneur Eddy Daams, who is charging 75 euros for people who want to be buried in a coffin in his backyard for one hour. The coffin includes a panic button and oxygen tank.


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