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By JOHN CARROLL  |  August 3, 2006

Beyond that, Dahl said, “part of the profile and part of her personality was her private nature.” Publishing the couple’s request that the paper not include the murder yarn in the profile was “a reflection of her private nature.”

That feels a bit circular, but why get technical about it? Especially since circling the wagons was the order of the day at the Gabrieli campaign, which was understandably reluctant to get the Globe lathered up.

Gabrieli spokesman Dan Cence said, “This is a very private matter the family wished to deal with on its own terms. It’s unfortunate the Globe chose to include it [in the profile], but when you run for public office, some things come into play.”

Yes, well, call this one a jump ball.

It's a long campaign, part one
This past Sunday, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Web site ran an Associated Press (AP) story with the headline GUBERNATORIAL ELECTION MAY HINGE ON BIG DIG. The subhead: MOST CANDIDATES AIRING ADS ON TUNNEL TRAGEDY.

By “most,” it turned out, the Telegram & Gazette meant “one” — Chris Gabrieli. At least his was the only ad quoted, with the candidate saying, “The Big Dig proves again that government is not getting the job done.” The AP story also had a Gabrieli adviser asserting that “filming of the ‘accountability’ ad had been scheduled before the fatal [Big Dig] accident.”

Huh. Sort of like writing the subhead before reading the story.

Ads 'n' ends
Has there ever been a better time for local and statewide candidates to invest in Boston taxi-top ads? The way Big Dig traffic is these days, drivers could probably read War and Peace on their morning commute … Best line of the political-ad season so far: the Kerry Healey supporter who says in one spot, “She’s consistent, she’s articulate, and she tells it like it is.” This, about a candidate who has yet to say a word in her commercials.

John Carroll is a professor of mass communications at Boston University and is a correspondent for WGBH-TV’s Beat the Press. His column covering campaign media will run until the November election. He can be reached

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