The incompetence candidate

By ADAM REILLY  |  August 17, 2006

Even so — and even if the Killer Coke story peters out — the whole episode bodes poorly for Reilly’s political future. The e-mails Vennochi obtained were apparently sent to a few members of Reilly’s inner circle, including top advisers Will Keyser and John Stefanini. These messages may have leaked out inadvertently. But it’s more likely they were disclosed intentionally, as part of an internal battle over the course of Reilly’s candidacy. “The sign of a campaign in free fall is when insiders are tagging other people with blame for the failed campaign,” says the aforementioned Democratic insider. “And when that starts before you actually lose, it’s a problem. If somebody on the inside leaked this e-mail, that’s a circular firing squad.”

Back in February, after Marie St. Fleur’s one-day stint as Reilly’s running mate came to a close, Reilly held a press conference and stated the obvious. “Politics are not my strong suit,” the AG announced. “I have to work and improve on the politics of this campaign.” Six months on, he doesn’t seem to have succeeded. If Democratic voters give Reilly the nod on primary day, they’ll know exactly what they’re getting.

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Candid camera
The tale of Mary Jean and Paul Pechonis is truly Byzantine (see Dan Kennedy’s write-up in the Ninth Annual Phoenix Muzzle Awards), but here’s the gist: it’s about whether citizens should be able to watch law enforcement behaving badly. Now there’s a new twist in the Jean/Pechonis saga: on August 9, Attorney General Tom Reilly appealed the judge’s injunction that had allowed a videotape of Pechonis being arrested by State Police in his home — which was then searched, allegedly without a warrant — to remain online at Should the public be able to see this stuff? (And did we mention that Reilly’s running for governor?) Take a look at YouTube and decide for yourself.
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