Over at the Marry in Mass site, Mike Ball responded that he’d endorsed Patrick in February and June, and plans to endorse him again shortly. Third time’s the charm, eh?

The other sites we checked were either defunct or disinclined to participate in the survey. But the endorsement polls stay open until September 19, so, all you bloggers, write if you get working.

Vennochi e-nails Reilly
Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi is reading more of other people’s e-mails than the Bush administration. But she, unlike the Eavesdropper in Chief, deserves applause for it.

On August 12 Vennochi outed the Reilly camp’s e-mails organizing clandestine support for the “Stop Killer Coke” campaign targeting Coca-Cola’s alleged corporate failings in the areas of labor rights and human rights — and by extension Deval Patrick’s failings as Coke’s general counsel from 2001 to 2004.

Vennochi wrote, “top Reilly campaign operatives discussed, via e-mail, how to ‘map out shadow plans for our friend at Killer Coke’” — that is, one-man-bandwagon and labor activist Ray Rogers. Questioned by Vennochi, a top Reilly campaign operative rather unconvincingly denied they were spooning with Rogers.

Then, last Thursday, Vennochi took on Reilly’s claim that he hadn’t picked Gabrieli as his running mate in January partly because the venture capitalist refused to release his tax returns. Once again she went to the e-mails, this time helpfully provided by the Gabrieli campaign.

Vennochi said after she saw the initial Globe story about Reilly’s reconstruction of events, “I called Chris Gabrieli’s campaign and said I’d like to put a chronology together.” There was no special magic involved, she added. “I asked and he gave.” Huh — who woulda thunk?

Bottom line: a Gabrieli adviser told Vennochi that staffers from the two campaigns talked about tax returns, but that the candidates never did. And the issue couldn’t have been that big a deal because one of the e-mails was essentially a wedding announcement from Reilly that was set to be e-mailed to supporters before he and Gabrieli broke up.

Asked whether she worried about selective leaking, Vennochi said given that the letter from Reilly was all set to go, “I couldn’t imagine what else there would be that would change that [storyline].”

So what does her enterprise e-mauling of Reilly add up to? “These things are at odds with the image he’s trying to project,” Vennochi said. “Mr. Integrity has a track record for not telling exactly the truth.”

A top Reilly-campaign operative declined to comment. Shucks, we were hoping at least to get an e-mail.

John Carroll is a mass-communications professor at Boston University and a correspondent for WGBH-TV’s “Beat the Press” edition of Greater Boston. He can be reached atjohn_carroll@wgbh.org.

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