“In a classic bit of hard-hitting journalism, the Phoenix has learned that the original Life Savers are designed with holes to begin with, made by wrapping various liquid solutions around a long spool. Thus, there’s no middle to remove. These new little droplets aren’t holes. They’re just little droplets of Life Saver. (Could Urban Eye’s first Pulitzer be that far off?)

“How are Holes made, then? ‘It’s a proprietary process,’ says Chuck Wallington of the RJR Nabisco company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. ‘I can’t talk about it.’ ”

AIDS WATCH | 20 years ago | January 28, 1986 |
Neil Miller reported on the history of AIDS research and the struggle for answers.

“In April 1984, when National Cancer Institute researcher Robert C. Gallo announced the discovery of a new virus that he identified as the cause of acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS, some enthusiastic scientists predicted the development of a vaccine within two years. A little more than a year and a half later, in December 1985, Peter Fischinger, deputy director of the National Cancer Institute, made the same prediction: a vaccine within two years, pushing the date to the end of 1987. From the outside, Fischinger’s announcement seemed to indicate that nothing much has changed in the field of AIDS research. The survival rates of those diagnosed with AIDS are no greater now than they were 21 months ago. No satisfactory treatment for AIDS has yet been discovered.”

REVOLUTION ROCK | 25 years ago | January 27, 1981 |
Ariel Swartley analyzed the Clash and their triple-disc, genre-defying Sandinista!

“When the Clash’s London Calling, one of the strongest, most consistent double-albums ever made, was released in England a little over a year ago, it was accused (oh, unkind cut) of being too American. With the album’s bleak references to Brixton, Rudie and Jimmy Dread, it’s hard to see why, unless at the current nadir of British despair, strength itself seems like a national betrayal. Especially when it’s exhibited repeatedly by a bunch of hometown sods in need of dental work.…

“In the end, reggae is to the Clash what Chicago blues was to the Rolling Stones, not simply a source, but a manifesto. A model of how rock ‘n’ roll might relate to both an audience and to the world. The difference is that the Clash, unlike the Stones, are almost alone in trying to establish a community in which rock that is at once defiantly personal and politically conscious will thrive. No wonder Joe Strummer is interested in questions of faith.”

MISSING PERSON | 30 years ago | January 27, 1976 |
Richard Gaines spoke with privacy expert Andy Klein and what inspired his career path.

“Klein is no stranger to the courtroom, having been arrested three times already. (He’s only 27.) The first arrest came in 1969 when he helped try to close down the South Boston Army Base to protest the Vietnam War. The second arrest, same motive, took place two years later while a member of Sarge’s (Gov. Frank Sargent) staff, when he was protesting outside the Newton draft board. It was this incident that triggered Klein’s interest in privacy.

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