“ ‘A lot of us were at the police station together. Everyone exchanged fingerprint cards. Then we were told they would be part of our permanent records. They weren’t even my fingerprints. I had someone else’s. Someone else had mine. ‘Suppose we’re acquitted,’ I asked. ‘Doesn’t matter,’ a cop said. ‘They’re still part of your permanent record and go to the FBI in Washington.’ Klein in fact was not convicted on any of the three charges, but he began investigating just how information is collected and disseminated, only to learn to his chagrin recently that for some reason — maybe bogus fingerprints — the FBI doesn’t have a file on him after all.”

SHOW STOPPER | 35 years ago | January 26, 1971 |
Stephen Graham reviewed a concert by soul legend James Brown at the Sugar Shack.

“Then suddenly the star of the show was back, twirling the mike in the air, catching it, flashing smiles and peace signs to the crowd. The band fell like clockwork into ‘Get up, get into it, get Involved,’ and James sang, screamed and moved his feet faster than anyone else in the world. Before long he was sweating, and there was a collective gasp as he flung off his jacket, revealing a sleeveless blue shirt underneath. The whole act was programmed from start to finish, but it didn’t matter because the feeling was there, the feeling of tension and spontaneity that sets James Brown apart from the average soul act.”

Where are they now?

Chris Wright is managing editor of Communicate Magazine in Dubai. Gerald Peary is a frequent contributor to the Boston Phoenix. Mark Leibovich is a staff writer for the Washington Post. Neil Miller is a professor at Tufts University as well as the author of Out of the Past: Gay and Lesbian History from 1869 to the Present. Ariel Swartley is a Los Angeles-based freelancer. Richard Gaines is a business-marketing consultant in Gloucester.
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