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Letters to the Boston editor, October 13, 2006
By LETTERS  |  October 11, 2006

Regarding “Foleygate”: a) There is no excuse good enough for Foley; no one but his lawyer should attempt to defend his behavior — but remember, there are no apparent criminal acts here. b) I see no reason, other than political bias, for the shotgun approach in your article. You have used this event to slam not only Foley, but also Livingston, Hastert, and DeLay. While we should ask what Hastert knew and when, I hear Democrats announcing that “everyone knew” this was going on. Yet they apparently didn’t do anything about it until just before an election. If anyone believes that’s a coincidence, I have a bridge to sell them.

Tom Ford
Lake Forest, CA

Buried treasure
I was recently reading a review of the Raconteurs show at the Orpheum last Friday by Matt Ashare. I’m surprised he didn’t mention that the band played a rousing version of David Bowie’s “It Ain’t Easy.” He mentioned that they played “Bang, Bang” to fill time due to the fact that they have a small amount of material, but he totally left the Bowie gem out of the write-up . . . interesting. Perhaps Avril Lavigne is brushing off on Ashare . . . Anyhow, it was a good show, and Ashare was spot-on about the fact that Jack White loves playing and being a part of a band.

Chris Hislop
Newmarket, New Hampshire

Sexy music
In your review of the Wrens/Wedren show at the Middle East, Sharon Steel notes: the “over-muscled Middle East security guard,” how “the Wrens might look to be just a bunch of past-their-prime fortysomething dads,” and how Wrens-man Kevin Whelan “looked young again” in the blue lights. Taking the cake was her “Memo to Wedren: bald head plus sideburns does not a groupie magnet make.” What the fuck, people? Do you really think that after battling cancer, Craig Wedren’s concerns are fixed on scoring groupies? Did you even listen to his performance? Do you recognize the caliber of contemporary artists that he’s influenced? (Jeff Buckley’s threadbare demo of “Your Flesh Is Nice” practically cops Wedren). Steer clear of Ms. Steel, Doug Martsch — you old geezer!

Steel writes, “Live they [the Wrens] have a reputation for being unpredictable: at the Middle East they were cool and generous enough to throw 10 T-shirts into the audience.” Unpredictable? Is this what Sharon considers an edgy rock show? Even as someone who doesn’t care much for the Wrens, I would say it is admirable for them to be so kind as to part with $100 of merchandise if their record-label hardship is true.

Although I realize that the target demographic of the Phoenix may be the throngs of college-folk that pass through the city every year (who are likely more involved in celebrating the flesh than your average “fortysomething dad”), please at least recognize that what you offer to the world, shapes it.

Shawn (an early thirtysomething, balding, skinny dude)

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