Trouble in paradise

By PHILLIPE & JORGE  |  November 21, 2006

Hey, was that Brown that beat Providence College the other night? With Brown head coach Craig Robinson, the cousin of Barack Obama, picking up the top job on College Hill — at maybe half the salary of PC’s Tim Welsh (but twice the brain power) — it was an embarrassment for the ages. What next? Hillary Clinton leads Smith College to a win over the Friars?

Not so funny Times
Don’t know if you saw it, but managing editor Bill Keller of the New York Times recently came right out and said what everyone has known for years: the nation’s organ of record is now just an advertising vehicle that tries to pull in money however possible through a bunch of lightweight editorial sections (to help shore up the real news, of course). By doing the same thing, with its cars and homes inserts, the Urinal — which P&J have long admired — has been turned into a retailing joke.

Why Johnny can’t read? He’s on the Internet.

Sleep tight, George Seldes.

An army of one (IQ)
Did you see how the US Army has a new slogan? It is “Army Strong.” Who came up with that one, Tarzan? “Me, Tarzan, she Jane, that Cheetah, Army strong.”

Good work. No wonder they call them grunts.

The captain in autumn
P&J greatly enjoyed G. Wayne Miller’s profile of former Governor Bruce Sundlun in the Sunday BeloJo. It was your superior correspondents, indeed, who tagged him with the sobriquet “Captain Blowhard” — something we don’t regret, because we think it’s pretty accurate. In fact, his former wife, Marjorie (RI’s former first lady and someone we positively adore), once told us she thought the nickname was right on the money.

We also must say that Bruce is someone we greatly admire, a first-rate governor and a truly unique individual. We believe that Miller’s profile was an accurate portrayal. Over recent years, we have gotten to know the Captain a little better, and we believe that his admirable qualities far outweigh his Blowhard characteristics.

The Biggest Little was fortunate to have had Bruce Sundlun as its governor in a time when tough decisions and decisive action were warranted, and he did not shy away from rising to the occasion. We have subsequently found him to be far more sensitive and circumspect a man than our writing at the time would have led us to suspect.

In talking with a few of his students at URI, we’ve discovered that they found his classes to be truly inspirational. Thank you, Bruce Sundlun. Your crass and crusty exterior is far outshined by the leadership and wisdom that you have graciously shared with Vo Dilun. P&J truly appreciate your contributions.

Bop on, Ruth Brown
It did not escape the notice of your superior correspondents that one of the great voices of rock ’n’ roll passed away last week. The fabulous Ruth Brown died. She was one of the people who put Atlantic Records on the map prior to the arrival of Ray Charles, and her hit records kept this seminal label solvent.

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