Conservatives refuse to give in to Gore

Climate Change — Not!
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  February 28, 2007

Between the release of the International Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) summary report and the Academy Award win for An Inconvenient Truth, February was a rough month for global-warming deniers. So much so that some conservatives — most notably South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, in a February 22 Washington Post op-ed — are warning their peers to accept climate change or risk total marginalization.

Not too many seem to be taking up that call, to judge by the most popular conservative Web sites. After Sunday night’s Oscars, their columnists and front-page bloggers threw everything under the sun — and the sun itself — at global-warming theories, the IPCC, and, of course, Al Gore. Here’s a sampling.

“Gore received two Oscars for a junk-science production called An Inconvenient Truth. . .

“[T]here are some other serious causal explanations for global warming. A venerable scientific journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society, published recent research done at the Danish National Space Center indicating that the impact of cosmic rays on the climate could be much greater than scientists estimated . . . Combining this discovery with evidence that our local star is experiencing historically high levels of solar activity, the researchers suggest that our sun is batting away cosmic rays from elsewhere in the galaxy and thus reducing our planet’s cloud cover.”
     — Mark M. Alexander,

“So, I wake up this morning and click on the TV to see if there are any impending crises that I need to know about and I’m greeted by Al Gore at the Oscars saying that global warming is a moral issue — indeed, the central moral issue of our time. Ummm . . . what about Iraq? War on Terrorism? Millions without secure sources of food?”
     — Mark Noonan, Blogs For Bush

“Al Gore’s mansion ‘consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES).’

“Since Gore has repeatedly equated global warming to the Holocaust, he must, by his own lights, be among history’s greatest monsters, right?”
     — John Tabin, American Spectator Online

“If you believe the fear mongers, in less than the lifetime of the average American, coastal cities will be under water. If the Ice Age cycle holds true, however, at some point it is far more likely that they will be under a thick sheet of ice.

“The notion that humans can prevent either is so absurd as to defy belief, but it clearly doesn’t defy belief because millions have been convinced it can be done. . . .

“Bear in mind that real science is of little interest to Global Warming advocates. History, too, is a great nuisance because it inconveniently suggests they are lying through their teeth. . . .

“For those with the wits to examine the history and science of climate, it is obvious that the Global Warmers are seeking to deceive whole nations and continents into the destruction of a thriving period of world trade and relative peace we call globalization.”
     — Alan Caruba, The Conservative Voice

“The Earth’s atmosphere is not warming, it is getting colder and is on an irreversible course toward another Ice Age. . . .

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