Buddy Cianci

By JOE VILENO  |  September 24, 2007

What do you think of the idea of making a movie based on the book? And what did you think of the documentary movie Buddy by Cherry Arnold?
First, the movie by Cherry was good. I thought it was a fair and balanced treatment of my career. I saw it when I was at the halfway house in Boston, she sent me the DVD. She called me and wants to do an interview with me to sort of end the story with my coming out of prison and all. [Cianci has since filmed an update with Arnold.] She is going to give the Web site buddycianci.com to me when the DVD is out on sale. I think they are asking $25 for it, none of which goes to me.
As for the movie based on Stanton’s book, they have been talking about that for years and nothing seems to be happening. I think [director Michael] Corrente is having trouble raising funds and he has other things to deal with first, things I hear but cannot be sure to talk about. Who knows if the movie will ever be made?

Who would you like to play you if the movie is made? A number of actors have been mentioned, like Robert De Niro, Russell Crowe, Nicolas Cage, and Paul Giamatti, who looks something like you since he is balding and wears glasses as you do sometimes.
I have nothing to do with Michael Corrente or with any movie about me with him. I am in discussions with Tribeca Films, which Robert De Niro founded, which has made overtures to me as they are interested in making a film of my career and will also involve a major Hollywood studio. As for who will play me, there is no one in mind now. I like De Niro and Paul Giamatti too, I knew his father [Bart Giamatti, the former Yale University president and commissioner of Major League Baseball]. I met him at a conference at Yale.

What other things will you do? What about the library?
Well, the library idea is dear to my heart. I have many things in archives that are warehoused now. The library could be a place where students on urban problems could come to study records and issues. It would have a video component of my career and the city of Providence, and it could be a discussion center type of thing where once a year, perhaps, we could hold a conference on a major problem of cities and government and invite various officials and academics to participate. The library fund, which has long been established as a nonprofit corporation, has over $350,000 in it that will be devoted to establishing the library/conference center.

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