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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  November 15, 2007

Gov gets sassy
Just as your superior correspondents were sending our regards for a job well done to Gary Sasse, upon his departure as the executive director of the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council, he was announced as Governor Laughing Boy’s appointee to head the state’s relatively new Department of Revenue.
Sasse, with whom P&J have had the good fortune to work on occasion and who we regard as a friend, has already left a great legacy to the state for his work at RIPEC.  He is one of the most universally respected people you will find in the upper echelons of movers and shakers in the Biggest Little.
We hope that his well-established street cred in business and political circles will pay dividends quickly, since his expertise is greatly needed during a time of horrendous budget deficits.

Show me the moolah!
Flags are at half-mast at Casa Diablo, for Mary Lillian Ellison, who recently left this mortal coil. The athletic Ms. Ellison was far in advance of Jerry Maguire’s client, Rod Tidwell (as played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) when he cried, “Show me the money!” Her line was, “I want to wrestle for the moolah!” This is how Mary Lillian ended up with her name, the Fabulous Moolah, as a professional wrestler.
You have to be of a certain age to remember Moolah, who was a household name in the TV wres¬tling boom of the 1950s and ’60s. Phillipe had the great good fortune to interview her in the late 1970s, when she, still going strong, wrestled on a bill with Andre the Giant, Pat Patterson, and the Samoans at Rocky Hill Fairgrounds.
(That was a night to remember: being tucked into a small, stuffy trailer with the ludicrously oversized Andre and his tag team partner, Patterson, later an outlandish wrestling commentator, who bummed nearly half a pack of cigarettes off P. within 20 minutes.)
The South Carolina-born queen of the flying drop kick and flying scissors proved to be a perfectly genteel Southern lady outside the ropes, charming and funny to a fault.  She still had the ability to give a knowing wink when talking about her profession and her prominent role in its growth.
They just don’t make them like that anymore. You were indeed fabulous, Moolah.

Salute to a word maestro
This week’s “S.J. Perelman Memorial Fumbling in Bogs of Metaphor Award” goes to Ned Martel of the New York Times. On Saturday, in an article commemorating the 700th episode of the venerable Fox reality series Cops, Martel described the show thusly: “as if the ghost of Weegee were documenting a car chase a la Bullitt, shot in the exurbs where Richard Prince has been monumentalizing muscle cars and skid marks.”
Go get ’em, Ned. We know what you’re talkin’ about — we think. If only somebody who looked vaguely like Steve McQueen appeared on Cops, we might have become regular viewers.

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