Letters to the Portland editor: December 7, 2007

Verizon breaks the silence

Verizon breaks the silence
In your November 14 article (“No Raises for Seven Years,” by Jeff Inglis) you unfairly take on the proposed transfer of Verizon properties in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire to FairPoint Communications. Your information is based almost exclusively from reports issued by firms that have been hired by unions and other opposing parties. These reports are specifically designed to cast a negative light on the proposed transaction in any way possible. Overall they are not supported by facts; and they’re speculation made by people who oppose the transaction.

For instance, it is preposterous to report that employees will not receive raises for seven years when in fact FairPoint has committed to following existing union contracts that call for wage increases (“‘No Raises’ — It Gets Better,” by Jeff Inglis, November 20). Similarly it is nonsense to assert that the success of the transaction depends on the price of gasoline remaining constant for the next seven years, or that it is relevant that FairPoint will spend the same amount to operate the company in 2015 when it is projected to have fewer access lines and customers than it will in 2008. Similarly, your total misunderstanding of the effect of the accounting of the transaction is irresponsible.

Because you should be committed to providing facts and bringing balance to a story regarding the proposed transaction, feel free to seek out the views of others and gather information from those who support the transaction, including equity analysts, business leaders, chambers of commerce, telecommunications experts, and yes, even public officials and many consumers.

Phil Santoro
Verizon Media Relations

Stand up for the lake
Moosehead Lake is a gem that benefits us all. It is symbolic of what many of us would claim as a prime reason for choosing to live in the state of Maine. Moosehead’s beauty, unspoiled nature, and relatively undeveloped status are remarkable and worth protecting. Long-term values must not be squandered to satisfy the seemingly unquenchable thirst for short-term profit, if Maine is to sustain the wonderful appeal important to our future. “Once gone, gone forever.”

Some who live near Moosehead Lake will benefit from increased economic activity, and it’s sure to come. But can’t it be implemented at a pace more likely to preserve the basic character? Must we defer to a large corporation with deep pockets and demonstrated self-interest?

The Plum Creek proposal remains of such size and intensity to be clearly exploitive and dangerous (see "Up Plum Creek Without A Paddle," by Yanni Peary, November 30). How can such a massive development not destroy the very environment that makes the Moosehead Region the unique place that it still is?

It’s not a done deal! The Land Use Regulation Commission has yet to rule on the requested zoning changes.

Our representatives need to know where we would draw the line. They are only going to know if we act. Right now is a critical time. All Mainer’s who care about our future should speak up.

The LURC public hearing in Portland will be held at the Holiday Inn By the Bay, starting at 10 am on December 15. Let’s show them where we stand.

John Cary

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