Flashbacks: March 3

By EDITORIAL  |  March 1, 2006

“As to the wherefores, we must look to the Reagan camp and to the national press. Between them (and in a small way, me too, but since we all came out wrong, my modesty is painless) they managed to create the impression that Reagan was just about unstoppable. They (all right, we) did such a thorough job that an underdog was created out of a sitting President in full possession of all the powers and perquisites of incumbency. By the weekend before the balloting, it was no longer enough that Reagan pull 40 percent, as his state campaign manager, Hugh Gregg, had forecast in classic poor-mouth fashion. Reagan had to win in order to be perceived as a winner.

“Now, that part is easy compared to figuring out how Bozo the President, as he is fondly known by the White House press, managed to get 50.6 percent of the vote. It was a nice day, as New Hampshire days in late February go, which probably helped. On the theory that Ford’s supporters were less committed than Reagan’s, they might have stayed home in greater numbers if they’d had to mush to the polls.

“Returns from the southeast part of the state indicate that Ford’s foray through there on Friday morning did him some good, as had his trip to the University of Durham two weeks before. On the later trip especially, the president did a fair amount of honest-to-God, press-the-flesh campaigning, something he and the first lady do very well indeed. The first trip had featured mostly set speeches and ‘briefings,’ which could just as easily have been done in and around Washington, and would have been better left undone.”

Alternative medicine | 35 years ago | March 2, 1971 | James Kugel interviewed Dr. John L. Donovan of the New England School of Hypnotism.

“He used to be a full-time osteopath, and he approaches the human spirit with the same down-to-earth understanding with which he used to treat sluggish muscles and bones.

 “ ‘You have to find the basic root of the patient’s conflict,’ he says. ‘For instance, if you have a nail in your shoe, the doctor can give you all the aspirins or Bufferins or novocaine in the world, it’s not going to do you any good until you get the nail out. So the same way you have to find the nail sticking in the patient’s head.

“I once had a woman patient in here. She’s had so many operations the doctors had to say to her, ‘I’m sorry, Mrs. So-and-So, you can’t have any more operations, we’ve taken out everything that can be taken out.’ That’s how bad she was. Her stomach looked like they had played tick-tack-toe on it with carving knives. The doctors told her what she needed was to learn how to relax. So she came here.

“That’s the way it is with most sick people. Now, of course, if you fall down the stairs and such, you’re hurt. I’m not talking about that. If you get hit by a car and your legs and back and all are broken, you’re hurt. But other than that, there’s no such thing as sickness, as we think of it.”

Where are they now?

Mike Miliard is a staff writer for the Boston Phoenix. The late Caroline Knapp was the author of several books, including Appetites: Why Women Want and Pack of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs. Carolyn Clay is theater editor for the Boston Phoenix. Joyce Millman is a frequent contributor to the Boston Phoenix. Michael Rezendes is a reporter for the Boston Globe. The late Jack Cole was an Emmy-award-winning television journalist who later became a radio talk-show host for WJNO-AM. James Kugel is a professor of Hebrew literature at Harvard University.
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