A smack to the head

By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  February 20, 2008

Not a detail man
While your superior correspondents can certainly sympathize with lawyer John M. Cicilline (son of the prominent criminal-defense lawyer, Jack; brother and former law partner of the Providence mayor, David, a.k.a “Little Chi-Chi”), we just can’t understand how he managed to misunderstand the terms of a bail order imposed on him last summer.
Bill Malinowski’s story in Tuesday’s Other Paper reported that Mr. Cicilline, who is under federal indictment in Boston, violated his bail by traveling to represent a client in New Hampshire. One of the bail terms was that Cicilline’s travel be restricted to “Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.” Cicilline also traveled to New York, for court appearances; to Florida, to visit his mother; and to Las Vegas, to attend a wedding. For each of these non-sanctioned trips, he sought and received permission from federal probation officers.
Cicilline’s lawyer, Richard Egbert, filed a motion claiming that his client “erroneously believed” that he didn’t need permission to travel to New Hampshire. Now how could this be? Does John the Younger think that Live Free or Die land is part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?
Maybe he actually did “erroneously believe” that it was okay to travel to New Hampshire. But would you want him to represent you as your lawyer if he can’t grasp the meaning of “restricted to Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut”?

Obama is the man
We have previously discussed why Senator Barack Obama is the candidate of choice at Casa Diablo: his policy positions and prescriptions are, in many instances, so similar to Hillary’s (and each is so dissimilar from McCain’s) that they are quite like one another.
In fact, one could argue that her health-care plan is a bit better than his.
But whatever the merits of candidates’ policy initiatives, they pale in comparison (and, we would argue, in importance) to some other matters of consequence in choosing a president.
One of those is temperament. This would immediately disqualify McCain, whose temperament frequently mirrors that of a Michael Vick-raised canine. We’re not saying that Hillary’s temperament is lacking, but we’ll take the nearly unshakable Obama in this category.
We have observed many personal characteristics in the senator from Illinois that bolster our faith in him as a wise leader. We don’t hear the bully boy, Mr. Man bullshit that you get from so many old-paradigm candidates, both Republican and Democrat. (Of course, Republicans are generally so full of this that it’s as if someone has manufactured Sean Hannity in liquid form and collectively shot it up everyone in the GOP’s wazoo.)
Undoubtedly, the most frustrating part for Billary, the mighty power couple of the long-gone ’90s, is how they are not even vaguely cool anymore. Playing tenor on Arsenio Hall and wearing shades now seems as lame as, well, Arsenio Hall and his schtick. The “first black president” has been out-Negroed by a real Negro, and he responded by summoning up his inner Orval Faubus. Ouch!
And, while most expect the Democratic primary in the Biggest Little to be close, many also assume that Billary will prevail, since the vast majority of party bigwigs and office holders (with the exception of the Patricks and Jack “Sittin’ it Out” Reed), are with the senator from New York. Don’t believe it.
Remember 1984 and the economic stimulation scheme called “the Greenhouse Compact”? Every big shot in the state was behind it, and it went down in flames (precisely because all the obvious insider players were involved and wanted a piece). Barack Obama can win in Vo Dilun, and Phillipe & Jorge will do what we can to try and make that happen.

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