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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  July 2, 2008

Next week in “Dear Ayman”: If your fanatical jihad leader is a bed-wetter, is it alright to wire the generator in your cave to the metal frame of his cot to discourage this behav-ior? Death to America, dear readers!

A lot of Tanaka
Our esteemed news editor, Ian Donnis, revealed Monday in his Not for Nothing blog that Mike Tanaka, a longtime Casa Diablo regular, has accepted a post as Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts’s communications director. Yes, it’s the same Mike Tanaka better known locally as a jazz guitarist par excellence and stalwart member of top-notch locally based rocker Mark Cutler’s various outfits.

More to the point, Mike’s hidden career has been as a nationally respected television producer (Good Morning America in the days when it overtook The Today Show as the top-rated morning show; MSNBC; The Oprah Winfrey Show, etc.). In other words, Mikey has a long and distinguished pedigree in the broadcast biz.

He is also one of the best and brightest guys we know. This is good for Mike (who is willing to take a big pay cut to be where he wants to be, at home in the Biggest Little), and good for Liz, who gets a real ace.

We don’t know what this means about the speculation that Roberts will pursue the brass ring of governor in 2010. We sure hope so, as she’s a Casa Diablo fave rave, and a lot more than just a leading advocate for health-care reform. Elizabeth Roberts stands to be the Barack Obama of the 2010 gubernatorial race. And we feel about her the same way we feel about him.

Real patriotism
Those who would question Obama’s patriotism should remove their craniums from the buttocks-end of the Internet, where morons continue to spread innuendo about his reli-gious beliefs, heritage, and feelings for his country.

The record is clear and obvious, but thanks to the prevalence of Internet gossip and stupidity presented as fact or real reportage, hundreds of thousands of frightened Americans buy into this crap.

If you, like us, are concerned about the ramifications of the tarnished image that the United States of America now has in much of the world, the only potential palliative is the election of Barack Obama. That doesn’t mean all will work out, anything will be easy, or that it’s not going to take years to crawl out of the hole created by the Bush administra-tion

World opinion is not all, but it truly matters. We face difficulties in negotiating and working with both friends and enemies, neither of which truly trusts us. There is a widespread belief among many in the world that we torture and cheat and are bullies. That resentment felt by many is due to the perception of an arrogant USA. It has been fueled by the belligerent and narrow-minded rule of Bush.

Does anyone think the election of John McCain will work toward convincing others in the global community that we truly are honorable and good? We don’t think so. There is opportunity and hope with Obama — opportunity to turn an economy rigged to benefit the uber-wealthy, and only the uber-wealthy, and hope that an inspired people are capable of greatness.

As the decision to invade Iraq was based on lies and innuendo, the notion that Barack Obama is insufficiently patriotic is also based on lies and innuendo. We believe that the reasonable voter outnumbers the stupid voter. We also believe that the American people will not turn their back on real opportunity and inspiration. There’s only one candidate that represents the best of our country. Now is the time.

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