This whole deal reeks of political incompetence and lack of government accountability. People should be going to jail, from Wall Street to the nation’s Capitol. Instead, they will be going out to their second houses on vacation again next summer with a handout from you and me. It is a national disgrace. And we’ll not hold our breath waiting for that apology from anyone in the 20510 zip code.

Bend over and get used to it if you aren’t already, Mr. and Mrs. American Taxpayer. And if you’re enjoying it, grab a big tube of K-Y and vote McCain-Palin.

How low can we go?
A desperate Senator John McCain, watching his poll numbers slip, has decided to “bring up questions of character” about his opponent, Senator Barack Obama. This is political code for “smearing the shit out of him” with lies, innuendoes, character assassination and guilt by association.

You don’t believe that Barack Obama “pals around” (in designated lead GOP smear-meister Governor Sarah Palin’s none-too artful phrase) with former Weatherman William Ayres? McCain went on vacation on a number of occasions as a guest of the criminal financier Charles Keating, but we guess we’re not supposed to go there. Going on vacation with somebody is a little chummier than serving on a board of directors.

Can we agree that the nuttiness of Obama’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright is no worse than the “religious leaders” that McCain (John Hagee, Rod Parsley) has sucked up to? Or, even more extreme, the ones Governor Sarah “pals around” with: Thomas Muthee — the evangelist who stirred up a mob in a village in Kenya to help run a woman he claimed was “a witch” out of town. Palin says that one of the reasons she won the Alaskan governorship was Muthee’s prayers.

Then there’s Palin’s Wasilla Assembly of God pastor Ed Kalnins, who is on record as slating the so-called Rapture to take place in Alaska. Despite the fact that the “consorting with dubious religious leaders” issue would seem to be a wash, expect the McCain campaign to bring it up at every opportunity, as well as the non-relationship between Ayres and Obama, and the fact that the Senator from Illinois’ middle name is Hussein.

That Democrats will then complain that Obama is being a wuss if he doesn’t get down into the dirt with the Republicans is a given — and a guarantee that this thing will get just as ugly and stupid as we fear.

Far more sinister and effective is something we like to call “stealing the election,” a Karl Rove specialty that you will undoubtedly see employed by Steve Schmidt, a Rove protégée. It was popular in 2000 and 2004 and may be the only thing that will give McCain a victory this year.

Expect plenteous reports about minority voters receiving letters informing them that if they have outstanding warrants, they might be arrested when they go to the polls to vote. Expect an outbreak of misinformation in majority Democratic voting districts directing voters to the wrong polling place. Figure on mysterious voting machine breakdowns in predominately African-American, majority Democratic districts, and perhaps even some new and innovative ways to deny votes to those expected to vote for the Democratic presidential ticket.

We would love to see an international team of election overseers assigned to monitor the US presidential election, but you can imagine how the Republicans would squeal if that was seriously proposed.  

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