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Obama and Reed lead the Casa Diablo ticket
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  October 29, 2008

P+J have been suggesting — rightly in many cases — that you Pinga! your incumbent, who helped get the state into the deplorable and nationally notorious financial mess it is in. But there are some can-didates who we do believe warrant your support because of what they have done and (we believe) will do to not become part of the Silence of the Lambs herd that has blindly followed the General As-sembly off an economic cliff.

Where possible, you throw your support behind the following candidates. Down in South County, weigh in for Senator Susan Sosnowski (District 37) and Representative. Donna Walsh (District 36). Without these two fighters, we wouldn’t have an open space/farmland preservation bond issue on this year’s ballot (see next item), and they took some lumps from the leadership in their respective chambers for that achievement. Ms. Sosnowski, a real-life farmer, also heads the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee, and with her pal Ms. Walsh, you have true enviro champs who take no bull. Also out in the boon-ies, Rod Driver is running for rep in District 39. He’s a wild and crazy guy, and smart as a whip, so give him a chance.

On Aquidneck Island, we have already given a shout-out to newcomer Deb Ruggiero in House District 39. Add to her your vote for incumbents Chuck Levesque in Senate District 11, and Amy Rice in House District 72. Again, not your typical pols, and that’s a plus these days.

And up in Cranston and Cranston/Warwick, respectively, the current Representative Art Handy in District 18, and, of course, the one and only Casa Diablo fave-rave incumbent Senator Josh Miller in District 28. (And if you think we care about conflicts of interest in endorsing some of our candidates, we‘re sorry, we don’t. God told us we are right.)

It goes without saying that we are totally in the tank for Vo Dilun’s Little Big Man, Senator Jack Reed, and the Big O, Senator Barack Obama. Can you imagine how wonderfully different this country can be with the little idiot gone back to his village in Texas? Selah.

Approve open space and farmland
Do Phillipe + Jorge a favor on November 4 — approve Question No. 2 on the ballot for open space and farmland preservation. For years P+J and all our friends, and even our wisest enemies, have real-ized the need for land conservation and supported it at the polls, especially for the working farms that can also be saved by this funding. The $2.5 million in bond money will generate three times that amount in matching funds, providing a total of $10 million to protect Rhode Island communities’ special open spaces for eternity. Phillipe has so many disclosures to make on this request that they won’t fit in this space, but do the boy a favor. We know times are tough, but you are never going to get a better bang for your buck — it is a rock solid investment for you and for the kids of today and tomorrow. Merci beaucoup.

Calendar girls
Open your mind up prior to Election Day, on Sunday, November 2 (6 pm) at the Hi-Hat in Our Little Towne when the 2009 Legends Calendar is released, to benefit AIDS Care Rhode Island. Twenty bucks at the door gets you a free signed copy of the 2009 calendar featuring all of P+J’s favorites, who will put on, as always, a fantastic show, led by Miss Kitty Litter, BB Hayes, Sabrina Blaze, LaDiva Jonz, Haley Starr, Jenna St. James, Miss Gay RI Jacqueline DiMera, Taya Houston, Vi’let, Angela Soprano Butana, Starr Marquett, and Jade Love. Dare to be there or be square.

Farewell, Packer, Dave + Dolemite
It has been noted by more than one Cool, Cool World reader that this the column frequently resembles an extended newspaper obituary section — and this is true. We offer no apologies. The lords of Casa Diablo are aging and too many of our friends, colleagues, and the people we’ve admired are passing away at a frightening rate.

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