A great little performer

Obama administration stubs its toe with the tax-challenged
By PHILLIPPE AND JORGE  |  February 4, 2009

It's bad enough we have to suffer arrogant tax-dodgers like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner getting confirmed, where anyone else would be backed against a wall and had their pockets turned inside out by the IRS, or Tom Daschle having to bail out of his appointment as secretary for health and human services because he "forgot" to pay taxes. Now we can't even get a "performance officer" to perform.

Barack Obama's designee for "chief performance officer," Nancy Killefer, had to withdraw her name from consideration because she, too, was screwing the pooch by failing to pay employment taxes on household help. If this doesn't convince you that no one with lotsa bucks plays by the rules, and that insider trading is rife on Wall Street, along with obscene bonuses collected by what are essentially crooks, with no morals, at most big lending institutions, how would you like to buy that bridge to Brooklyn at the lower end of Manhattan?

As Richard Pryor used to put it so well about blacks and the legal system, when it came to justice, that was who was in prison: "Just us."

Sleep tight in your penthouse, Bernie Madoff.

Paging Yossarian
Speaking of people unfit for any job, congrats to the Detroit NBC affiliate for blatantly questioning how the worst executive in the history of the NFL, recently fired Lions president Matt Millen, could be immediately hired by the peacock network to be an expert analyst for the Super Bowl.

The Motor City station ran a crawl across the screen when Millen appeared that read, "Matt Millen was president of the Lions for the worst eight-year run in the history of the NFL [31-84 for a team that didn't even come close to competing most of the time]. Knowing his history with the team, is there a credibility issue as he now serves as an analyst for NBC Sports? . . . "

A cat may look at a king, the emperor has no clothes, and it's about time some media outlet has the balls to call out the corporate big boys at GE, most especially bigheaded Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Sports, whose ego knows no bounds. Now if they could just get rid of Brian Williams and Matt Lauer, we might be making some headway.

Supreme decisions
Your superior correspondents figure that, rather than asking, "Who wants to be the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court," the more manageable question is, "Who doesn't want to be the next chief?" Just about everybody's interested. Everybody, that is, except for the one person we think by intellect, temperament, experience, and integrity should be the hands-down favorite — the Honorable O. Rogeriee Thompson, associate justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court, and an inspiration to all Vo Dilunduhs who count truth, justice, and integrity as desirable character traits.

Quite simply, Rogeriee Thompson is about as good as it gets. If you suspect that your superior correspondents lack objectivity where Justice Thompson is concerned, you would be absolutely right,

But Rogeriee has not placed her name in consideration. If the Urinal is correct, Justice Thompson's interest is in serving on the US Court of Appeals. We think Rogeriee should serve where she thinks best. Mark P&J down as completely in the bag for Justice Thompson, because we believe, in every way, she has earned it.

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