In their excitement over landing such an exclusive, the PRO news department quickly started running a news story about Laffey's pronouncement which, inadvertently, noted that Laffey had defeated former Senator Linc Chafee in the 2006 Republican primary. The news story trumpeting Yorke's and WPRO's scoop kept running hourly with no change in the incorrect assertion that Laffey had defeated Chafee.

It just so happened that the Mad Peck, legendary Providence artist and radio personality (the original Dr. Oldie) had blown into town last week to assist in the installation of some of his old posters for an exhibit taking place at 75 Oxford Street, in Providence. Having followed the primary from his adopted state of Vermont, he was pretty sure that his aging synapses were still firing on all cylinders and that it was Chafee who beat Laffey, not "vicey versy."

Just to be certain, he called your superior correspondents and a couple of other print journalists in his coterie to make sure his memory wasn't playing tricks on him. With confirmation in hand, the Mad Peck placed a mercy call to WPRO to suggest that they alter their news report to reflect reality rather than the fever dreams of John DePetro. After finally getting through to the studio, a young lady on the other end of the phone informed him, "I don't care how many newspapers you checked with! Laffey won!"

Collapsing in a heap in what passes for a couch these days at Casa Peck, the artist, channeling the wisdom of Plan 9 from Outer Space, muttered the immortal "That proves it."

The revelation that the best way for one to receive accurate and unbiased information is through talk radio (because talk radio's standards are soooo high that they don't care about your stinking ultra-liberal newspapers) was belied within days by the equivalent standards of the once-mighty BeloJo.

The inhabitants of Casa Diablo were tickled to find this headline in a Saturday Urinal sports story in reaction to the departure of Terrell Owens from the Dallas Cowboys: OWENS WILL CATCH ON, SAYS AGENT.

Phillipe instantly blurted out, "Hitler was a swell guy, says Goebbels," to which Jorge rejoindered, "Rush Limbaugh a bastion of accuracy, says Alabama's Grand Wizard." It's always nice to cite unbiased sources in your headlines.

On Monday morning, an email arrived from Casa Diablo regular, Kevin Brill, to inform us that he had just seen on the vaunted "ProJo Breaking News Blog" this headline: REPORT: RISKY BEHAVIORS MORE LIKELY AMONG QUEER TEENS. Minutes later "the breaking news blog" had taken down the headline.

At Casa Diablo, the belief has long been that for Caucasians ("caucs") such as ourselves, use of the "N-word" is nothing short of despicable unless being used to describe/explain a situation in which that word was being employed. Black folks, on the other hand, have a lot more latitude in its usage.

Likewise, if you are, for instance, Options, the official organ (another word we use advisedly at Casa D.) of the LGBT community here in the Biggest Little, the use of the word "queer" in a headline about an issue touching on sexual orientation is acceptable. It's advisable for mainstream publications like the BeloJo (as they evidently realized about four minutes too late) to refrain from the usage as it can only cause (in the words of the late, great Professor Longhair) "confusement."

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