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By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  April 29, 2009

The heretofore unanalyzed Vo Dilun/Oklahoma connection
No one has ever accused Oklahoma City of being the excitement center of the universe, but you have to wonder about how little is going on there when the state's top politicians are currently engaged in a partisan battle over whether or not "Do You Realize?," by Oklahoma-based rockers the Flaming Lips, should be the official state song. A resolution to that effect was recently introduced in the state legislature and shut down due to Republican intransigence.

On Tuesday, USA Today quoted State Representative Mike Reynolds (R-Oklahoma City) as saying "some of us just don't like honoring the Flaming Lips." (Only if those flaming lips are on your buttocks and attached to the puss of Larry Craig, we suppose.)

Meanwhile, Democratic Governor and state Head Ramrod Brad Henry sent out an official document last Friday plugging an exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center, "Another Hot Oklahoma Night: A Rock & Roll Exhibit," celebrating Oklahomans Wanda Jackson, Eddie Cochran, the Ventures, Leon Russell, J.J. Cale, and the All-American Rejects (you can find out more about the exhibit at

After GOP sources managed to have the "Do You Realize?" initiative defeated, Governor Henry announced that he was willing to play hardball, issuing an "executive order honoring the song." Take that, you rock-hating troglodytes!

The battle certainly reminds your superior correspondents of a few classic political showdowns here in the Biggest Little, although they were generally food fights. Who will ever forget the Coffee Milk vs. Frozen Lemonade fracas at Halitosis Hall?

While some might suspect that P&J's obvious support for the Flaming Lips is a kneejerk reaction, we would point out this (not so fascinating parallel): the key lyric, the hook, of "Do You Realize?" is, "Do you realize/That everyone you know someday will die." Now, let's just juxtapose that with the official fight song of our state university: "I was Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred/And when I die, I'll be Rhode Island dead." We feel a deep connection between being "Rhode Island dead" and "Oklahoma dead." Add to that the fact that "Do You Realize?" was a track on the excellently titled 2002 album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, and you too would have a hard time denying the Flaming Lips this well-earned honor.

Thought for the day
Stolen from "Insult of the Day," a line by Stephen Colbert, discussing former Secretary of State and Dubya Bush courtesan wannabe Condoleeza "Queen Lotsateetha" Rice: "She is sexy in a sort of an ice-cold praying mantis sort of way." Could not have said it better ourselves.

Rush job?
Coincidence or not? In an interview with local guy Shane Murphy, who was second-in-command aboard the Maersk Alabama, the ill-fated ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates, WCBV-TV in Boston had disparaging remarks for radio host and Oxycontin spokesman-in-waiting, Rush Limbaugh. Murphy noted that, since he'd been home, he "felt great" and that "it feels like everyone around here has my back, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh, who is trying to make this into a race issue . . . that's disgusting."

Murphy was, of course, referring to a typical (in the sense that it was about as removed from reality as most of Limbaugh's pronouncements) comment the radio host made about how people would have reacted if it had been Republicans who had called for shooting the Somali pirates, who he cutely described as "Black Muslim teenagers."

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