"After the race, though, Seko was kind of patting his legs and pointing, like he'd had some sort of trouble with his quadriceps, you know? When I talked to him, I mentioned that I probably wouldn't be running Fukuoka. I don't know whether he was disappointed or not. But there's the World Cup (in Montreal in August) and then New York (in October). I just don't see how I could go to Japan unless I didn't run New York or something." On an exchange basis, the top American finishers are invited to the Fukuoka race each December.

"Same thing with Boston. I'll run here again, but I sure don't think it'll be next year. Figure: the Olympic trials are the next month. It'd be a real gamble to run Boston. The Olympics are too important, you know? And I really want a medal. That's the most important thing right now. But I'll be back. Just think: if I win four Bostons, then only Clarence DeMar will be ahead of me in wins. And I'll never catch him anyway."

It was pointed out to Rodgers that Joan Benoit's time would have beaten Clarence DeMars's in a couple of his winning years. "Really?" he whistled. "That's super." Then he added, "I'm just gonna celebrate. People think I don't celebrate, but I do it for days. The night after the race we went down to the Faneuil Hall Market for dinner with a bunch of people from my store. The next night we went to another party. Tonight I'm going to (that bar at the corner of Mass. and Commonwealth). Man, I am still celebrating&ldots;."

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