Flashbacks, April 14, 2006

By EDITROIAL  |  April 12, 2006

“Black leaders were more outraged by this violence than by previous attacks on blacks because it didn’t happen in South Boston but at City Hall — neutral territory where any citizen should have the right to walk. It was clear to black people, whether they come to City Hall to meet with the Mayor or simply to pay their taxes, that it could have been them.”

Tag team | 35 years ago | April 13, 1971 | Theodore Gross reported on the election in Marxist Chile.

“Of all the parties in the U.P. the one to gain most was the Socialist party, of which Dr. Allende is the leader and one of the founders. The Communists also increased their strength but not as significantly. This is very interesting. The Communists are the most highly organized party in Chile. It is quite spectacular to visit their headquarters or the Communist Youth Groups, about which I shall report in a subsequent article. Organized, disciplined, intelligent, devoted, and — in the opinion of many of the socialists — bourgeoisie. The Socialists are more to the left than the Communists. They entertain the possibility that Right wing reactionary forces may make it necessary for the Left to take up the gun to make and defend the revolution, whereas the Communists have insisted that in Chile the ballot is the only possible way to gain power. If the Communists had gained strength in this election it would have meant hard-core Leftist conversion; that the Socialists won signifies that a good many people at this point just like Allende and want to give his government a chance.

“The communists are rational, slow to action, and a little doctrinaire. However, their organization is largely credited with winning the election for the Socialist Allende. Without them, the more divided, passionate, disorganized socialists could have never made it. So in a sense, the Socialist Party is riding high on the hard work of the Communists.”

Where are they now?
Dan Tobin maintains the blogs “Surgical Strikes” and “George Bush Is My Friend.” Charles Taylor is a contributor to the Boston Phoenix. The late
Robin Dougherty was a columnist for the Boston Globe. Ric Kahn writes for the Boston Globe. Alan Lupo is a former staff writer for the Boston Globe. Brenda Payton is a columnist for the Oakland Tribune. Theodore Gross is a New York–based author.

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