Rocket Redux

By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  September 30, 2009

ACORN has long been a GOP flashpoint. Notable among their genuine good deeds are fighting for fair wages for workers, helping people with housing assistance, and enrolling new voters. The fact that many of those people were minorities and happened to vote largely along Democratic party lines must have been just a coincidence in inducing Republican ire (though Dubya’s party’s attack on anyone for voter fraud is beyond hypocritical). This GOP mode of vengeance even reached to the Bush administration’s (read: Karl Rove) with Alberto Gonzales’s interference in the appointment or rejection of state US attorneys based upon political considerations, such as how hard they pursued prosecution of Republican-spurred charges against ACORN.

What P+J want to know is why these champions of stripping federal funds from groups who misuse taxpayers’ financing look the other way when it comes to firms like Halliburton or Blackwater? ACORN can’t hold a candle to the Big No-Bid Contract Boys (proudly GOP-owned and -operated). All these greedy scumbags do is electrocute our soldiers through shabby, cost-cutting construction work in Iraq, feed and tend to our troops miserably at inflated costs, shoot and murder innocent civilians in Iraq, and allow rape to occur on their foreign premises, with the suspect employees finding a way to mysteriously vanish and escape prosecution. That kind of work, paid for by taxpayer dollars, borders on treason in wittingly doing disservice to our troops. Just pay up on time, please, Uncle Sam.

P+J guess that our vile, loudmouthed, and cloven-hoofed friends now attacking Sen. Whitehouse are still waiting to receive their pre-packaged talking points attacking Halliburton, KBR, and Blackwater from their GOP kommandants. Don’t hold your breath.

Lost and found

One need not be grizzled (well, not too grizzled) old-timers like your superior correspondents to appreciate this info. Back in the ’70s, when the drinking age was 18 and cable television was just a rumor around here, there were plenty of live music venues and lots of terrific local and regional bands. Among the popular bands at the original Lupo’s, the Met, Harpo’s (in Newport), and the Living Room was the Otis & Ridley Band, Otis being the veteran Rhode Island blues/folk/Celtic/roots musician Otis Read, and Ridley being Ridley Pearson who, in recent decades, is better known for his best-selling series of crime novels (they are well worth your while).

The roots of the Otis & Ridley Band was another outfit from the early ’70s that was based on Cape Cod called Big Lost. They put out one album in 1973, were winners of the first WBRU Talent Search (an early Rock Hunt-type competition), and eventually morphed into the Otis & Ridley outfit.

Big Lost are putting together a couple of reunion gigs: one in Newport at Billy Goode’s on Friday, October 9 and the following evening at Local 121.

Old chum, the ever-tasteful guitarist Jim Corwin, will be on board for the shows, which will also feature a rare appearance by the great percussionist John LaMoia. An interesting note: if you are coming to this primarily as a fan of Pearson’s “Lou Boldt series” of crime novels, this indeed is the “John LaMoia” in the books though, in real life, he’s not a cop. Well, not to our knowledge, anyway. Believe me, these guys are excited to be doing these gigs.

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