The ubiquitous Scott Duhamel

He’s everywhere! Plus, a new jewel in Cvanston, BeloJo notes, and more.
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  October 26, 2009

Saturday morning breakfast as Casa Diablo over the years has changed considerably. Back in the previous century (the one we like to call “the 20th century”), especially in the long-gone ’70s and ’80s, the first meal of the day would typically commence at about 1 pm when Lars the Houseboy would gently rap on our chamber door to deliver a tray of cold pizza, Pabst Blue Ribbon (with or without a guest appearance by Dennis Hopper), and a canister of chewable Maalox. Naturally this could only go on for only so long. After our heads were returned to us (we had them severed from our torsos and shipped to Switzerland as a “precautionary measure” — for what we’re not certain), Sat-urday morning breakfast has taken on more of a continental flavor . . . cigarettes and newspapers.

Needless to say, P&J nearly tore up our cigarettes and choked on our newspaper when we opened up the Other Paper on Saturday and saw a photograph of longtime Casa Diablo regular Scott Duhamel apparently being busted on the front page.

This couldn’t be! The veteran film critic, union official, blogger, lyricist, and all-around man of words is a totally solid citizen. Okay, he does have a visual presence that might cause some to shout “E-Verify!,” but as soon as he opens his mouth, blurting bogs of verbiage and metaphor that might challenge some law enforcement personnel to reach for their Encyclopedia Britannica, it becomes apparent that Scott is straight outta East Providence and not a runaway member of the Buena Vista Socialist Club.

A closer examination of the article revealed that Scott was not being hauled off to the hoosegow for expressing sympathy for Patrick Swayze in his most recent column (a posture that could be considered actionable), but doing some “role playing” at a training session for local nightclub bouncers. A couple of days later, there was a pull-quote from Scott, in his role as an official for the painter’s union, in a story about a tax stabilization deal between the city and the new AS220 building project downtown. He’s everywhere, but at least he’s not under arrest.


The noted guitarist (and longtime Phoenixian) Rob Nelson tells your superior correspondents that well-known local drummer Joey Sullivan broke his shoulder in a motorcycle acci-dent a while back. As it turns out, Joey couldn’t work or collect any benefits for two months. And of course, he has a pile of medical bills. This has been a familiar story for many musicians for years, and these days, they have plenty of company, as more and more folks find themselves dangerously vulnerable. So musicians will do what they always do.

There will be a fundraiser to help defray some of Joey’s bills on Sunday, October 25 from 2 to 8 pm (doors open at 1:30) at the Cape Verdean Center, 329 Grosvenor Avenue, East Providence (new phone: 401.228.6411). Bands featured, in order of appearance: Dick Wilner’s Blues DeVille Jam, Loaded Dice, the Tim Taylor Blues Band, Sugar Ray Nor-cia, and Roger Ceresi’s All-Stars. There will also be a DJ spinning tuned between sets. Donation is $15 and the kitchen will be open.

P&J have attended events at the Cape Verdean Center and it’s a great music and dance joint. Come on down . . . you’re sure to have good time and lend a hand to a musician facing tough times.

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