Easy Ed strikes again

By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  November 11, 2009


Sure, P&J were bitterly disappointed that the state of Maine could not quite bring itself to produce a majority vote for same-sex marriage. As frustrating as this is, we retain full confidence that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of this particular affront to everyone’s civil rights. Believe us, the tide is turning and it is no time to stop fighting for marriage equality.

Here’s the reality. There’s a younger generation out there which has not grown up with the ignorant biases and prejudices of their parents. All polling, focus group activity, and other data collection indicates that those under 30 accept the wisdom of same-sex marriage in large numbers. They understand that this is a matter of civil rights, pure and simple, and no matter how many religious and cultural zealots try to stir up the muck, they will lose.

That the votes in California, Iowa, and Maine were as close as they were is telling. How do you suppose a vote on criminalizing racial segregation would have gone if the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 were not enacted and it was brought to a plebiscite? Far worse than voters’ support for same-sex marriage, we suspect.


Now that the General Assembly session has really ended for 2009, P&J can both applaud and stand by open-mouthed at two final pieces of legislation.

Nothing could make your superior correspondents happier than to see that texting while driving will become illegal. That is beyond a no-brainer, but we certainly hope that the gendarmes will begin pulling over everyone they see holding a cell phone while they drive just on the chance they are texting. Even if they are just talking on the cell, they deserve to be formally hassled. P+J are so sick of seeing some clown or clownette yapping away while making a turn in traffic we could puke, and if we did so, we would preferably do it into the back seat of their car. It’s moronic behavior at best, and unfortunately more than the dopes doing it get hurt.

Oh, we should say that we are pleased to see that the governor is expected to sign the bill. You sure won’t find any saltwater fishermen feeling that what is expected of Mr. Carcieri is a lock. That’s because The Don vetoed a bill creating a $7 saltwater license for local anglers, opting instead to have Vo Dilunduhs pay $25 for a federal license. Never mind that the guv — who claims he spent his youth out on the Bay quahogging — had gone through long negotiations with the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association to reach the $7 compromise, which made his veto a shameless betrayal of his promise. But now the fees paid by saltwater fishers will go to the feds, rather than having the money come back to the state.

This stunned proponents of the bill, and was so illogical that P. e-mailed RISAA president Steve Medeiros to ask if your correspondent — a member of the organization — was missing some key technical point. He was not, and the furious chat on the RISAA e-mail loop got so heated Medeiros had to tell his membership to calm down and stop the flow of vitriol. Tell us again about the clam digging, guv. We’re sure it will get a great reception.

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