Hail Mary pass?

By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  January 20, 2010

As lead "conservative" voice in the USA, of course Limbaugh must use the tragedy in Haiti to attack President Obama. Rush's take: Obama is trying to exploit the crisis merely to score with blacks. Beautiful, Rush!

We know that your diehard fans don't see this as hateful speech. Nor do they have the information or intelligence to know that while you bark on the radio that "Cuba has done nothing" to help their Haitian neighbors, there were 344 Cuban doctors and other health professionals working full-time in Haiti.

Keep it up, Rush. You have zero credibility with anyone who has the heart or the reasoning abilities of someone over the age of 12. This is what Sheldon Whitehouse was talking about in his "controversial remarks" about many of those who oppose health reform so vociferously. Rush Limbaugh not only insults our intelligence, he insults our common humanity.


Rhode Island lost a very good man with the recent passing of Phil Durigan, owner of the Twin Willows restaurant in Narragansett.

One of the most generous businessmen you will find in any town, Phil turned the "Twillows" into an institution for beachgoers, located a few miles before Narragansett Beach on Boston Neck Road. He and his wife Pat also engendered loyalty and camaraderie among the many people who called themselves regulars. A signature event was St. Patrick's Day. If you arrived after 4 pm for the 69-cent corned beef sandwiches and a chance to have a drink with 99 percent of the Irish in South County, you couldn't get in the parking lot or front door.

There are many fond memories of Phil, and the daily assemblage of the gang for "choir practice" will allow folks to recall them all. A wonderful legacy.


A tough day from the office overlooking Boylston Street for Spenser, Susan Silverman, Hawk, Sunny Randall, and Jesse Stone, as Robert B. Parker passed away. Parker's stories about the tough but cultured private investigator Spenser (portrayed on TV by the late Robert Urich) provided years of great entertainment at Casa Diablo. Parker churned out scores of books, expanding into the fictional Massachusetts coastal town of Paradise to bring in his characters PI Randall and police chief Stone. And Spenser's frequent partner in fighting crime, Hawk, is as unforgettable as they come. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Parker.


What happens when you give a billionaire midget too much money? P+J are of course referring to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent more than $100 million in his successful re-election campaign, or about $175 for every vote he received from his adoring public.

Bloomberg has used his bully pulpit to restrict the use of trans-fats in Gotham restaurants, while also attempting to prohibit smoking in any public place in the five boroughs. But this desire to protect the populace from itself seems to have gone a bit too far with his guidebook for junkies on how to properly inject heroin, for which the NYC taxpayers are paying. (P+J particularly liked the advice to "wash your hands with soap and water or hand wipes before you start" and "make a clean 'placemat' from a newspaper." You know how fastidious heroin addicts are.)

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