Flashbacks, April 21, 2006

By EDITORIAL  |  April 19, 2006

“Quite a few people insisted on throwing drinks into the air throughout the show, but the only real destruction was done during ‘Riot,’ when the shirtless and sweaty [Jello] Biafra, looking like a putty-muscled demon, leaped into the air and tore out about eight feet of acoustic ceiling tiles (accidentally, judging from his surprised expression). I didn’t see anyone get hurt, though Biafra likely bruised a few fans with his running leaps into the audience. (He had two attendants whose sole chore was to drag him, often by the ankles, back onstage.) The most frightening moment, however, was when the crowd anticipated the chant of ‘Pol Pot,’ thundering his name. ‘Damn,’ I was thinking at this time, ‘I hope you people realize what you’re singing.’

“By the encore, pandemonium reigned. Someone handed Biafra a box of Jell-O. He broke it open, sprayed it over the crowd (followed with water), and asked for requests. Many hollered for ‘Drug Me,’ from the LP. He refused, saying, ‘Undrug yourselves and Uncle Sam will have a much harder time fucking with you.’ Rude, but certainly compassionate advice.”

Mickey goes disco | 30 years ago | April 20, 1976 | Carolyn Clay covered the auditions for full-time mice at Walt Disney.

“Mickey Mouse, that Dorian Gray of Rodentia, is 47; his favorite club, a landmark of the ’50s, is 21....

“... When the announcement ran several weeks ago in the Boston Globe that Walt Disney Productions was working like some folksy Frankenstein to create a new Mickey who will be part ingenuous cartoon flashback and part Sonny and Cher — and that this new avatar will require little priests and priestesses just like Karen and Cubby and Annette, to be chosen from all across the nation — show-fever was evidently ignited in the hearts of hundreds....

“The auditions themselves were a Humbert Humbert’s heaven. Downy legs in mesh hose, prepubescent bodies sheathed in glitter and fresh faces wreathed in ringlets flooded the Independence Ballroom of the Sheraton on April 10, leaving myriad scuffmarks on the dancefloor and radiating the wholesome aura of Donny and Marie, the indomitable Dream of Being Discovered. From the moment I ambled by the clump of fidgety Mama Roses in the anteroom craning in turns for a forbidden glimpse of their respective Baby Junes, into the Ballroom where a tyke in red fringe and spangles, her body bright against the dingy wallpaper and dwarfed by the Chateau-de-Villian chandeliers, was doing balletic backflips to a taped rendition of Greensleeves, I knew this was an Event.”

Police and thieves | 35 years ago | April 20, 1971 | Joe Klein detailed some police PR in the southwest.

“ ‘Suspicious looking person’ seems to be a new code word in the Southwest for people who look like hippies. In Phoenix, the good citizens are peppered with radio commercials warning them about the crime wave which is spreading through the desert. ‘If you see a suspicious looking person,’ the commercial closes, ‘call your local police immediately!’

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