Sexiest video game studs of 2010

A banner year for pixelated pieces of ass
By MADDY MYERS  |  August 4, 2011
7. Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
It’s been hard for fans to adjust to the completely new set of Kingdom Hearts characters in Birth By Sleep; can the writers really expect us to like Ventus as much as Roxas? They must have included Terra to soften the blow and cater to those of us who like men with signature Square Enix hairstyles and pretty eyes. Terra’s storyline has similarities to Riku’s fall from grace, and we doubt that’s any accident, considering how wild the fangirls still go for Riku. Even though this game's plot reminds us strongly of prior Kingdom Hearts stories, there’s plenty of new prettiness to look at here, and come on – wasn’t that the real reason you were playing Kingdom Hearts?

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